What’s Happened So Far On -Story Dornsife

Over the course of this project we have had a lot of up and downs. First off, the problem itself probably took a little too long to understand, but once we did it was slightly bumpy sailing from there on out. Our problem is that the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite [TMFW] doesn’t have the means to contact the advocates helping informing organizations and companies about becoming mother-friendly. Not only can TMFW not contact the advocates, but TMFW doesn’t know who they are or how they are picking organizations to contact. That is where we (Dual Spectrum) come in. Our solution to this problem is to send out an emails to the each of the 11 Health Regions of Texas asking about the advocates working with them on this. We will also be emailing different certified organizations in each of these Regions asking about how they were originally contacted to be  certified. We believe emailing will be the best way to convey our message while also keeping information gathered as accurate as possible, in a way calling would hinder.

Image result for advocates
Picture from an advocacy of EndSlavoryNow

This is where we are at the moment. We have split the project up between the two of us. I, Story Dornsife, am contacting the different Health Regions of Texas and collecting the data for TMFW. My partner, Emma Ward, will be contacting certified organizations in each Region.

Image result for texas health regions map
Health Regions of Texas

On my portion of the project, I have sent out an email to the Travis County Health Department, a county within Region 7. Finding the emails for the appropriate people within each region was extremely hard and unfortunately the email that I sent to Travis County was thrown around and ended up being send to TMFW, which is immensely unhelpful. The email is now being sent to the appropriate person but this now stands as an example of why we should properly communicate with our partner organizations.


From what I know so far, we have yet to hear back from the Austin Independent School District, where we decided to test emailing organizations but we are excited to hear back.


Once we hear back from both we will start sending out emails to the Regions and companies within them with high hopes to get back some substantial information about the advocates. I have finished collecting the contact information for each region and will be sending it to TMFW’s contact to be approved.



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