Mother’s Have This Right?? -Yoselin R.

As students who attend a school that promotes problem solving for the well being of our surrounding community, my group, CYEN, and I have accepted the challenge of creating a solution to the problem revolving around worksites in the Austin community. Just like many other individuals, you may not be aware of the many worksites that are mother friendly here in the Austin area. The issue with these worksites is that a few of them are certified mother friendly spaces but may not be used, known, or in sanitary conditions for the individuals to use. As students interested in the biomedical field, we have learned many great benefits that breastfeeding provides for both the mother and the child. Having said this, my team CYEN, and I, will continue to fully commit our effort into creating a great solution for the wellbeing of all employees within their working spaces.

This image is an illustration that was drawn by our teacher suggesting the steps that we should take when we were beginning to create a plan for our solution.

Throughout our project, we have thought about many great solutions to our project ranging from presentations, surveys, interviews, video chats and so on. After being in contact with our partner organization and receiving suggestions from our teacher, we have collected great resources to continue doing the best job possible. With all these suggestions, as a group we decided that the best way to collect information about the different worksites was to questions its employees. Therefore, we created a sample survey based on a survey that was previously used for similar purposes a few years ago. Based on the survey responses, we hope to be able to contact a few individuals to receive further information about their worksites to gather additional information. Once the surveys have been given and the interview have been conducted, we will gather all the data and enter it into the databases that has been suggested by our partner organization, The Texas Mother Friendly Worksite Initiative. After the data is entered, we will share the information received with Texas Mother Friendly Worksite to allow them to further inspect the worksites that took part in our project. All in all, we believe that by conducting a survey we will receive accurate information regarding the worksites creating a stronger solution to any issues that the worksites might be facing. As a group, we imagine this problem being solved by having the proper space, easy access, and more knowledge to all of its employees.


Texas Mother Friendly Worksite Logo

In conclusion, after working very passionately on this project, I have learned a lot of new information. For example, when we first began to work on this project, I was informed that mother are allowed to have a private space in their work area, something that is not very known amongst many individuals. In conclusion, I will have to say that I am confident that CYEN and I will be able to continue to make these worksite a great environment for their employees.

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