There’s No Such Thing as Perfect By: Izzy V.

Since 6th grade, our teachers have promoted project-based learning as the best way for their students to learn not only the required curriculum, but also teamwork, problem solving, and many more skills that we will need to succeed after we graduate. This year, we are working on our DAP project, which allows us to solve... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Have This Right?? -Yoselin R.

As students who attend a school that promotes problem solving for the well being of our surrounding community, my group, CYEN, and I have accepted the challenge of creating a solution to the problem revolving around worksites in the Austin community. Just like many other individuals, you may not be aware of the many worksites... Continue Reading →

M.O.M weekly post #2-Deanna Watson

As the process to produce a product continues, I, Deanna Watson, is here to tell you what we got so far!. In order for our understanding of breast pumps to broaden, our group conducted interviews to understand what our consumers wanted last week. Throughout this week, we began doing a prior art search. The information... Continue Reading →

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