The Challenge of Teamwork-Esmeralda R.

While reading chapter 9, "The Challenge of Precision Medicine", from the book Rigor Mortis, I was very astonished with everything that was occurring in the crisis with biomedical research. Medicine and cures are still not found due to scientists lack of partnership. Each give their own opinions instead of collaborating to put all opinions and... Continue Reading →

Cold Water For Our Future-Esmeralda R. (ch.3)

After reading chapter 3 of Rigor Mortis,I became more aware that there is a lot of diseases that are difficult to find a cure for, like ALS. The search for a treatment of this disease is poor and since it was my first time hearing about this, I decided to look into this deadly disease... Continue Reading →

Our Journey to the Solution- Sierra G.

I am Sierra and my partner is Alexis and together we are Silex. We have teamed up with The Mother’s Milk Bank to help increase African-American breast milk acceptance. At this moment, African-American women are not accepting the breast milk that holds key nutrients for the development of their baby. We are planning to solve... Continue Reading →

The More You Research, The More You Know – Truc.L

       As we wait for feedback and suggestions from our partner organization [Austin Pregnancy Resource Center], our team (G.O.A.L) began researching on areas such as Nutrition, Housing, Employment, Education, Health (mental and physical), Citizenship, Governmental Benefits, and Safe Places (for domestic violence and LGBTQ issues). Through a random selection, I got to research... Continue Reading →

Allow Elective C-Sections?

There are many risks that come along with having a c-section. The mother and the baby can later experience many problems throughout their life. Many statistics show that 1 in 3 women have a caesarean section. According to Dr.Thomas Weiser (assistant doctor at Stanford University School of Medicine) there has been a huge increase that... Continue Reading →

Her Body, Her Choice- Claudia and Elie

“Surprise! You’re having twins!” For some people, this would be exciting news. However there are factors in people’s lives like old age, finance issues, and unplanned pregnancies  In our opinion, people need to worry about their own life and not worry about the outsiders who don't understand their mindset about having kids. People who are... Continue Reading →

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