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       As we wait for feedback and suggestions from our partner organization [Austin Pregnancy Resource Center], our team (G.O.A.L) began researching on areas such as Nutrition, Housing, Employment, Education, Health (mental and physical), Citizenship, Governmental Benefits, and Safe Places (for domestic violence and LGBTQ issues). Through a random selection, I got to research topics for Citizenship, and Safe Place.

       Ever since our last blog post, not only have we updated you on our problem and solution, we also updated the organization that we are working for. A lot has changed since we visited the site (APRC) and we had shifted our focus in another direction. Our original problem was helping the APRC with their advertisement, how to redesign or innovate their pamphlets, however after we saw how they have an abundance of professional brochures and listened to Ms. Devillez (the founder of the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center) talk about her vision of the Mentorship Program. We decided that it would be more beneficial to help the mentors to distribute information and resources with an organized resource guide. The design for this resource guide is going to be a like a Menu, which was described in my last blog post. As of Monday, of this week, our group started researching on the many topics that the mothers might ask when visiting the mentorship program.

       To become a U.S. citizen is an important task many immigrants here in the Austin area and other cities in Texas. Ms.Devillez (the founder of APRC) described how many mothers came to them for help were from other countries. Thus, if any of mother wants to take the path of naturalization, the mentor would have the resources and information to give to them. As I was researching, I began to take notes on what each link was used for.

Research Sample

       I learned that you must be a U.S permanent resident (green card) for at least 5 years to be eligible for U.S Citizenship, and so if the mother who is coming to APRC is an illegal immigrant then it would be a little hard for her to obtain citizenship, versus the mother with a green card or someone who came here legally. Another surprising piece of information is that Austin does not have a Field Office (a place where immigrants can get an interview to become a citizen). The closest office services are in San Antonio.


Field Office


       I also did some research on safe places or services that will serve victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and rape. I compiled all the important links and resources that would be useful to have, as the mother might be suffering from these issues. I also add links to other safe places for individuals part of the LGBTQ community, like support groups in the Austin area. It is important for us to not leave anyone out.


Support Group


       An important note I learned from this project is that there are so many problems in the world. But if we can correctly identify our problem, and have good reliable resources and a supportive team, then there is nothing we cannot solve.


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  1. Truc!

    Lovely blogpost and update on your project. My group as well has had to change their solution multiple times and it’s nice to see that we were not the only ones. I think that it is really amazing how you have done research on things I never would have imagined to be important or overall an issue with pregnancy, such as various amounts of people with different situations, such as possibly being illegal immigrants and or safe place, coming into the resource center. I think that the menu style your team has decided to go through is a great idea! I can’t wait to see what the outcome is!! So many people and lives yall will be changing, as yall will be providing comfort for mothers to ask for help and be confident knowing they will get the help needed!!


  2. Truc, I love how you guys, even after having to change the course of your project, have remained optimistic and passionate about your project. I think what you guys are doing to help pregnant women is incredibly remarkable. The issues you guys are researching will help the clients at the APRC in the long run. They are issues that a lot of women wonder about, and probably ask a lot of questions about. I love that I get to work with you a little bit with including nutrition into your project!
    -Nishi P.

  3. Truc, I loved your blog post! I connect personally as my mother had to make hasty travels to America. She told me of the hardships she had to face to become an official U.S. citizen. Additionally, my group also had to change our solution and approach, as our problem is composed of two issues. What you are doing, maintaining high spirits, looking ahead, and remaining passionate, is amazing and shows me that you and your group will only continue head on and face the problem straight forward. You are focusing on a very cloudy area that many mothers encounter and I think that it is wonderful that you are clearing that up. I also love the clear worded information and statistics you put into your blog post that also have layers of information.
    -Emma W.

  4. Dear Truc,
    I really enjoyed your blog post and found it quite relatable. I liked how your post felt both informational and conversation. I loved that you used many hyper links and also linked a safe place disscusion, which is something I’ve never seen before in the past blog post I’ve written. I could feel the passion you had for your problem through your writting and generally felt that you cared about the task at hand. I loved your use of pictures ( espically the header photo) and I can’t wait to hear more from your group.

    -Bella T.

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