Generation of Academic Leaders- Truc L. Bunmi O., Melanie A., Angelica G.

Hello, our group name is the G.O.A.L Setters. The team members in our group are Truc Ly, Bunmi Oni, Angelica Garcia, and Melanie Arce. The meaning behind our team name (G.O.A.L Setters) is that G.O.A.L stands for Generation of Academic Leaders, we chose this name because we wanted to demonstrate that this generation is full of young adults that are making a difference within education. We, the G.O.A.L Setters team, believe that in order to have a successful group and accomplish our goals; is that we take the initiative to get something done, everything we do is done with passion/creativity, and to have an open mind within ideas, with each other, and etc.


Austin Pregnancy Resource Center


To start off, every year 10th-grade students are required to work on a major project. This year for our DAP project, we are excited to be working with the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center. Our partner organization strives to bring back the culture of life into the American society. They serve pregnant women in need of prenatal healthcare, as well as counseling. Many women have referred others to this resource center, and many of their testimonies are displayed on their website on “events & media”, under “stories”.

The problem that we are going solve goes like this. Clients of Austin Pregnancy Resource Center are not using the informational pamphlets in the waiting room. How can we design or innovate new ways to relay important information to the clients. The Founder and Executive Director Austin Pregnancy Resource Center Lori Devillez observed how the pamphlets in the waiting room were untouched, this show how the pamphlets were not appealing to the visitors. Therefore we need to find a better way to get the information out. We want to design something that is attractive and eye-catching, but at the same time not distracting. We like the ideas of pamphlets because it does give people a lot of information, so our design would lure the visitor to the pamphlets. Something like an informational standee with shelves.

Standee Display

We will treat this project as an advertisement campaign, and it is our job to get important information to the people.

Now you may ask, what is the benefit of this? The benefit is people especially women will have more information about Austin Pregnancy Resource Center. They will more information on pregnancy, how to take advantage of their resources, answers to questions that some people don’t even know about, and more.

We are interested in solving this problem because we want the clients of Austin Pregnancy Resource Center to be able to receive and learn more about their pregnancy. By making our product look more interesting and appealing to read we can increase the number of people that read the information.

If clients don’t read the brochures that are given to them to inform them more about their pregnancy they can either be badly informed and/or have false interpretations about their pregnancy or they won’t know all the important information they should know in order to keep themselves and the baby healthy. By making the informational brochures more appealing we can help the clients be more informed about their pregnancy and help keep both the mother and the baby healthy and happy.

There are thousands of women out there who are scared, worried, and overwhelmed by the thought of pregnancy, however with the help of Pregnancy Resources Center she was able to have a happy family.

It has been almost three years since I walked into Pregnancy Resources scared and worried but looking back, I know God had a plan.  He led me there, and He helped me every step of the way.  I’m so appreciative for Jenny and the staff members at Pregnancy Resources for allowing me an opportunity to speak up about what I was going through in my difficult time.  I would not be who I am or where I am if it wasn’t for their kind hearts and support.

Nicole Palmer

In conclusion, Pregnancy Resource Centers are extremely important. Imagine a woman walking in, and being overwhelmed by the sheer thought of pregnancy. She asks the front desk lady for some help as to how to access information on what her body will go through in the next nine months. She is then handed a packet filled with cold-hard facts stating specific statistics. And she thinks to herself “What about me?” This has happened to too many pregnant women too many times. Every woman should be able to access information that will help her through her pregnancy, not just statistics. Nothing is worse than being unprepared for something as life changing as a baby. The Austin Pregnancy Resource Center works hard to make sure this doesn’t happen. The real question is: can we?


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  1. Hello, I think what you guys are planning on doing is very interesting. It is a great idea to help inform women about their pregnancy and it is very true that some women are misinformed about certain topics. The only advice I would give you guys is to remember that brochures are something that most people just glance over. Try your hardest to give as much information as possible without making it too word heavy. -Nishi P.

  2. Great job on your blog post! It was well organized. I am looking forward to see what new things you learn about your organization. I too believe that women should be given the best information about their body when pregnant because to be completely honest, nobody likes to hear numbers and statistics when talking about a living fetus growing inside of you. -Sierra G.

  3. Dear G.O.A.L Setters,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post and learning about your team! What you are doing is very important and you were able to prove that through your post. It was very informative and helped me learn about the importance of pregnancy resource centers. I can’t wait to see what you come up with to help pregnant mothers get informed!

    -Sophie W

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