Vaginal Delivery After C-Section? Should doctors respect it?-Sierra G. and Alexis M.

What are the Risks?

We argue that doctors should not necessarily listen to the patient who wishes to have a vaginal birth after they had a C-Section. Vaginal Birth after a C-Section is also referred to as a VBAC (pronounced “vee-bak”). C-Sections are already a risky procedure for women and when you decide to have a vaginal birth afterwards, you are putting your body at an even higher risk and you are potentially harming your baby. There are some cases where the mom has a successful vaginal delivery after having a C-Section previously, but that is not the case all of the time for the mom or the baby.

When a mother first has a C-Section, her body is put at risk. The mother could have breathing problems, genital and urinary problems and/or blood clots. That’s only a small sum of all the things a women can go through during during the delivery. Just when you think you heard all the facts, we have more. The mother has to stay in the hospital for a much longer time. A mother could end up staying in the hospital for 3 days. As you can tell, a C-Section is already risky as it is. Imagine having a vaginal delivery afterwards.

Risks of a VBAC

A vaginal delivery after a C-Section has even more risks. 60-80% of women have a successful VBAC. Now, you might be thinking this is pretty high, but wouldn’t you want that percentage to be 100%? In most cases, doctors know best. So if a doctor were to tell you all the the numbers and information wouldn’t you wan the doctor to not perform a risky VBAC. Having a VBAC puts you at risk of having a uterine rupture since your uterus was already cut during a C-Section. A mother is also put at risk for infection. Infection should be last thing on your mind after delivering a baby that you had been carrying for 9 months.

To conclude out argument, we would like to ask you one question. Shouldn’t you trust your doctors? After all, they did go to medical school specifically to learn about the risks, benefits, and how to perform successful deliveries. No doctor we know would ever perform a surgery or delivery if they knew there was a big chance you or your baby could be harmed in the process. Yes, your decision should be respected, but maybe you should understand what all a VBAC does. We hope you consider our argument and maybe even do some reseach of your own. Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Vaginal Delivery After C-Section? Should doctors respect it?-Sierra G. and Alexis M.

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  1. Sierra G, And Alexis M.
    I totally agree with your argument. Women should really consider the doctors opinion before putting their own child’s or their life in risk. After all a doctor always knows best and wants whats best for the patient. I mostly agree with you because I am too researching about cesarean sections and trust me they’re pretty dangerous alone imagine what would happen if women wish to have a natural labor after a c section. Thank you for teaching me about this important topic. Much love- Litzy S :))))

  2. Your blog post was well written, despite the fact of a few typos. Your argument as the opposing team is very informative. I believe that whether or not a woman has a VBAC should be her decision. Before modern age, if a woman had the option of choosing to have their baby and die at birth or killing their baby and live, often times and most of the time, the woman chose to have their baby and die at birth. I don’t think that the right to choose life over death or any other consequence of having a VBAC should be taken away from the mother. It’s her body and I think she should do what she wants with it. If she knows all of the facts and the possible consequences of having a VBAC and she still chooses to go through with it, then so be it.
    -Enalisa Blackman

  3. You have a well written blog post, even with the typos. Your argument is convincing and fact based, despite you being the opposing team. I believe that a woman should be able to elect to have a VBAC no matter what the doctor says. Comparing it to the middle ages where choosing to live without the baby, or die giving birth were the only two options, the mother has a much higher chance of surviving childbirth. If you look back at the past studies, the amount of injuries from a repeated c-section have increased while VBACs have decreased. Anyway, your argument was thorough and thought out, even with a few typos. -Emma W.

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