Cold Water For Our Future-Esmeralda R. (ch.3)

After reading chapter 3 of Rigor Mortis,I became more aware that there is a lot of diseases that are difficult to find a cure for, like ALS. The search for a treatment of this disease is poor and since it was my first time hearing about this, I decided to look into this deadly disease through an article,, known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.This article gave me more knowledge in depth of what the disease actually does to your body. Scientists have so far discovered that this disease is mainly familial but still doesn’t have a treatment. As Richard Harris says, “It’s so expensive that they chose to do the experiments poorly.”(pg.57)I began to realize that all the money donated for the research was a lot and even if they had more than they needed, they still couldn’t find a cure and yet had everything at hand.I also understood that it is difficult for scientists to find a treatment for this disease because of the fact that it is deadly.


Scientists have worked hard and have had similar results with the findings with other labs.I learned that cutting corners can lead to pointless and wasteful experiments.Even though scientists are still in search, they can sometimes tend to lack off and this leads to bad results. For example, once Francis Collins hears about pointless ALS trials that taxpayers had funded, he says,”Humans were being put at risk based on that kind of data, and that took my breath away.”(pg.59)If scientists don’t be careful with what they are doing, it can affect our human race in a way. Scientist should know what they are doing and should be able to keep us safe, especially from their experiments and trials. When Rigor Mortis says, “They need to show that they’ve taken the time to find out whether the underlying science looks solid.”(pg.60)It became clear that it will obviously need lots of time to make an accurate result.The book talks about the mice in which they use to test instead of humans.A lot of them are used for experiments  and have specific mutations.As we learned previously in biomed, mutations are the changing structure of a gen that may be transmitted through generations caused by DNA base albino rat on white paper in lab

In conclusion, I think scientists would be more successful if the money donated was spread out to different laboratories and not just in one place. It may only require patience in order to finally find a cure, and as Mortis says, “It could take a long time for these new expectations, to ripple through the culture of biomedical research.”(pg.61)I believe the way scientists are working could be more efficient if they stay organized in order to process what they are doing.Scientists are looked upon on, to find new cures for our future. Research can be difficult, but nothing is impossible.For instance, like Rigor Mortis said, “This is the face of rigorous work, but rigor takes time.”(pg.63)



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  1. Esmeralda,
    I like the way included personal opinions throughout your post. It definitely helped me as a reader put into perspective what scientist are doing that is wasting time and labs. You did a really good job on stringing your thoughts together as well. I agree with you when you say, “…cutting corners can lead to pointless and wasteful experiments.” This has helped me picture the time and money being spent on new experiments that has been wasted due to the lack of scientist prioritizing honest results. I want to know more about why using mice rather than human beings is better or worse. You stated, “If scientists don’t be careful with what they are doing, it can affect our human race in a way..,” what ways are they affecting our human race as a whole?; just money and wasted tests or? I think you had a informational and personal post, good job.
    Dignity B.

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