9 Months of Heaven and Hell- Truc L.

We recognized and celebrate our birthdays, the day that we get see the light of the world. But we never really thought about the nine months or 40 weeks when we bundled up in our mother’s uterus. The most vulnerable and crucial period of times in our life span. It is such a shame that we are not able to celebrate those nine months, however, it is important to know how important they are so that in the future we can give birth to the healthiest baby.
During pregnancy, both the mother and the baby will experience major changes. The nine months Pregnancy time span is divided into trimesters. It all begins will the sperm fertilized the egg and form a single cell called a zygote. And as the cells travel down the fallopian tube and attach itself to the uterine wall, an embryo has formed. In the first three months (1st trimester) you could hear the embryo’s heart begins to beat as a sign a life and many internal organ systems began to form and many external features are visible.
As the embryo changes, so does the mother. Her uterus will expand as the embryo continue to grow. According to MayoClinic the mother will experience many discomforts such as morning sickness and frequent urination. Now further into the pregnancy stage in the 2nd trimester, you can feel the fetus move, the integumentary system development is apparent, fine hairs, and lung sacs. This fetus begins to develop rapidly; however, they are not mature and premature birth is dangerous to the baby. Finally, in the 3rd trimester, the baby will be ready to be birth after 9 months when all the organ systems completely developed.
However, as the fetus happily grows, the mother guess to suffer many discomforts. As the baby grows, the bladder will be compressed causing the need to urinate more frequently. The lungs are compressed also, making it harder to breath for some women. Other obvious changes are weight gaining and back pain. According to LiveScience there are many other changes that women to take precautions. Such as mouth and oral health, since bleeding gums are common pregnancy. The breasts become larger as the milk ducts growing rapidly in preparation for the child nurturing. Even though these changes are uncomfortable however it is very important to have them. It is normal to experience all these body changes because they are the signs that your baby is well and healthy.


Stages of Fetal Development 

After learning about the importance of pregnancy, the stages of fetal development, and effects of pregnancy, I was able to have a better perception of pregnant women. From reading my last blog post of Get Me Out and me asking about other options for childbirth. I am now able to answer the questions I had before. To lessen the pain experience of childbirth, the mother could do exercise and many yoga poses to loosen the hip and making childbirth easier. Finally, after knowing what my mother have to go through for me, I begin to love her more.



Yoga Exercises


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  1. Great job truc! This was a great blog post and i feel like this a very helpful blog post for a expecting mother. The only thing that I personally believe you can work on is maybe explaining the scientific words since many people who could come across this blog post might not have a good understanding of such. But overall great job. – Litzy Santana

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