Allow Elective C-Sections?

There are many risks that come along with having a c-section. The mother and the baby can later experience many problems throughout their life. Many statistics show that 1 in 3 women have a caesarean section. According to Dr.Thomas Weiser (assistant doctor at Stanford University School of Medicine) there has been a huge increase that people have been going through a caesarean section procedure which could involve some risks.


Some risks of having a c-section for the birthgiver is that they can receive an infection call endometriosis, endometriosis is the infection of the uterus which can lead to many painful experiences during intercourse, period, urination and etc. Another risk, is that the birthgiver can experience an increase of blood loss which can lead to anemia, some symptoms of having anemia is that you can experience weakness, lightheadedness, pale skin and etc. The birthgiver can also experience blood clots in their veins which is a huge risk for them, there are many risks that can happen.  


Some risks for the baby is that they can experience a premature birth which means they can have some problems along the way. Premature birth can lead to the baby experiencing some breathing problems and would have to undergo some therapy. Also there is a risk for the baby to be hurt by the doctor’s scalpel, sometimes the doctor’s can hurt the baby really bad which cause nicks on their bodies, which can leads the baby to  undergo surgery. Both the mother and the baby have a high percent of going under surgery.
Having an elective caesarean section is a huge risk that they are taking for themselves (birth givers) and their baby, risks that can be painful and last for their (birth giver/baby) whole lifetime. It is encouraged for women to have a vaginal birth if they plan on having multiple children, having a caesarean section can have some risks for the next birth. The estimated percent for birth givers choosing an elective caesarean section is about 2-3% according to abc news, but most obgyn prefer that you have a caesarean section if you medically need it.

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