Our Journey to the Solution- Sierra G.

I am Sierra and my partner is Alexis and together we are Silex. We have teamed up with The Mother’s Milk Bank to help increase African-American breast milk acceptance. At this moment, African-American women are not accepting the breast milk that holds key nutrients for the development of their baby. We are planning to solve this problem through the use of our solution of education, outreach, and connection.

We decided to split the project in 3 key parts to help focus on reaching our customers better. With the use of a power point, we plan on educating mothers in the hospital making it more convenient for the mothers with babies in the NICU. We’ll also be passing out brochures with the most important information that was in our slideshow. For the outreach part, we will be talking to the mothers with babies in the NICU in a calmly manner making sure we do not come off as rude to them. Hopefully they will take our advice and we will have a successful story like baby Camilla’s.

Baby Camilla’s Story

For the last part, connection, we will be creating a diverse Instagram page to help reach out a little bit more.

Breast Milk vs. Formula

We are currently working on gathering more statistics about African-American acceptance. The most common excuse is the mother’s unwillingness to accept someone else’s milk.

My partner and I, my teacher and team Flo took a trip to the milk bank on March 24th. When previously researching about the milk bank, my partner and I found out that the whole donor’s breast milk process is very sanitary. Going to the milk bank put a picture to my thoughts on how the milk bank would look like and I am glad I got to go see it.

In our previous email to the leader of the Mothers Milk Bank organization, she had told us that she really wanted us to focus on creating a successful social media page and making an informational slideshow to display to the mothers in need for donor breast milk at the hospital.

We have also gotten in contact with a lactation consultant who has worked through our school before and gotten information on how to approach the mothers respectively with babies in the NICU. We hope to incorporate this information received when we go and talk to the mothers in person. I am really looking forward to gathering up more information about this problem and am looking forward to making a difference and solving the issue. If you would like to learn a little bit more about my team’s problem and how we wish to solve it, please read my partner’s blog partner’s blog post. Thank you for reading!

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