Lets Take Tissue Samples!

In chapter nine: The Challenge of Precision Medicine, a pathologist at Massachusetts General Hospital named Carolyn Compton dealt with the removal of a colon. During this process, they discovered  that tissue collection and preservation show some trouble for the biomedical research. The anesthesia used in the operating room can affect them, and the molecules can... Continue Reading →

Are Doctors Wasting Resources?

In chapter one of Rigor Mortis by Richard Harris, I learned that scientists and there studies are not always right and what gets published is wrong. In Begley's paper, he says that scientist make mistakes and that their mistakes and errors are actually very common and many scientist don't even realize that they are making... Continue Reading →

Root of the Problem – Sandra M.

When most people try to figure out where they went wrong the usually retrace their steps. It is the logical thing to do. That is exactly what some scientist are doing now. They know there is a problem with they way research is being gathered and they are trying to make it better. Everyone likes... Continue Reading →

Bad Habits-Yirha.N 

  After reading chapter 6: Jumping To Conclusions, I'm nothing but shocked. I known that there's LOTS of problems going around the world, one big problem is a bad habit that I think we all have which is jumping to conclusions! We all tend to find the easy way out or shall we say “cutting... Continue Reading →

Failures, Flaws and Findings – Alex S.

In the chapter, ‘It’s Hard Even on the Good Days’, Richard Harris moves from the general idea of reproducibility to the biases and flaws occurring in the labs that cause it and the failures they have lead to. He also brought in a lot more perspectives from different scientists and researchers, as well as examples... Continue Reading →

Never-ending Corners – Alex S.

When reading the preface and first chapter of Rigor Mortis, I was very interested in the points Richards Harris made, such as when he explains that cures to major diseases like cancer, alzheimer's and osteoarthritis always seem just around the corner, but, as he mentions, “It turns out we live in a world with an... Continue Reading →

New Generation-Yirha N

Hi my name is Yirha N next year I'm going to be a sophomore, I'm so excited for next year biomed! I chose biomed as my pathway because I wanted to learn more about the human body and how it works. I'm really not into Science or medicine but I wanted to try something new,... Continue Reading →

Our medications progress- Crystal R.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides us with the security and protection of our public health assuring that certain drugs are safe to use. But how much has the FDA reinforced their decisions to allow certain medications to be used in the United States? In 1938, the FDA passed a hazardous drug named Diethylstilbestrol,... Continue Reading →

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