9 Months of Heaven and Hell- Truc L.

We recognized and celebrate our birthdays, the day that we get see the light of the world. But we never really thought about the nine months or 40 weeks when we bundled up in our mother’s uterus. The most vulnerable and crucial period of times in our life span. It is such a shame that... Continue Reading →

Hey! It’s really cramped in here!

Get Me Out: A history of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank by Randi Hutter Epstein is a book which ties back to pregnancy as early as in the 1700s and how much pregnancy has progressed since then. With the progression of science relating to childbirth which is very important because... Continue Reading →

Before giving birth-Natalia V.

In between conception and birth the mother goes through changes and challenges as well for the baby, that is not talked about too much. The fetal developments are the trimesters and how the baby changes throughout the nine months. The first trimester starting from day one the baby is not yet identify but as the... Continue Reading →

Nine Long Months – Ashwara P.

What happens between conception and birth? This is probably the first thing that passes through a women head when she sees the plus sign on her pregnancy stick. First, there is going to be nine long months that she will be experiencing. It will be filled with discomfort, nausea, and pain, but in the end,... Continue Reading →

The Pregnant truth by Litzy S

Besides the mother's belly growing, other changes  also occur inside and outside the mother's body. Mother's stomach and lungs become compressed making harder to breathe and eat larger meals and not to mention the nausea and trouble sleeping but its all part of this amazing journey called pregnancy.  When becoming pregnant most women don't really... Continue Reading →

Before You Show It -Karla Ru

Fetal development is a very specific topic with a lot of numbers for many different aspects. The basic facts of pregnancy is that it lasts about 9 months, and comes with a lot of physical changes in the mother’s body. It all starts with conception-also known as “The Birds and The Bees”- when vagina allows... Continue Reading →

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