What’s Happened So Far On -Story Dornsife

Over the course of this project we have had a lot of up and downs. First off, the problem itself probably took a little too long to understand, but once we did it was slightly bumpy sailing from there on out. Our problem is that the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite [TMFW] doesn’t have the means to... Continue Reading →

A Family that Build Together Stays Together- Sabrina Lomeli

Well these past few days have been very hectic for team M.O.M. With ordering our material and trying to scramble to put together a prototype for our design. With the ordering and the budget in mind we found it hard to almost impossible to built even a non-working prototype of our design, and our group... Continue Reading →

Types of Breast Pumps

I am Kaiyla Washington the project specialist  that will be the main designer and builder of our prototypes.The characteristics that I personally think I would bring into this project in just an open minded view. In order to get a perspective of the needs of a mom, research was done regarding usually asked questions when... Continue Reading →

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