From A Fetus-Carolina Vazquez

I can go on and on talking about how a baby starts with a fertilized egg and how it turns into a zygote and it divides many times to be a blastocyst that becomes attached to your uterus lining and how that grows into your child. But maybe all that I just said made no... Continue Reading →

In Between Nine Months-Nayeli E.

During the summer we all read the book Get Me Out by Randy Hutter Epstein, In that book we got a Brief introduction to the history of pregnancy. Through out these four months we have learned the details of what happens during pregnancy. When I first read the book I was like oh wow I did... Continue Reading →

Let Me In- Bella Thomas

In the book "Get me out" by Randi Epstein,  the author describes the development of obstetrics throughout the years. She also talks about certain medical techniques for obstetrics such as the forceps. However I'm not writing to reiterate what she said but instead to elaborate on some things she didn't and reflect on those facts. There... Continue Reading →

Letter to the Future- RunnerPro

Dear incoming sophomores of biomed, This year in biomed you will come across a lot of challenges, but the most important thing is to push through and remember that it will all be okay. This year you will learn so much new information and at times it can become overwhelming, but try and remember to... Continue Reading →

Farewell, Old Friend

Dear incoming sophomores, If you’re reading this it's too late. Your biomedical innovations teacher is probably having you read this to understand the DAP Project and all of its stressfulness and importance. You are at the point of no return, and you will complete this project, despite the tragic amount of stress you have to... Continue Reading →

“How does it feel to be done?” – AACS

Dear Sophomore Biomed Students, After going through Innovations of Medical Sciences class, we realize that we as a group have grown into future, doctors, engineers, and business women. The DAP cornerstone project was not easy, so we would like to give you some words of wisdom. Hopefully what we have to say will make you... Continue Reading →

Human Relief OUT

Future worried pupils who will cry at night because of the DAP, here are a few tips that we gathered for your DAP to be awesome, since you might hear that the DAP the determining factor to your letterman jacket. Hey Guys, Priscilla here. So the DAP can be very stressful, and trust me it... Continue Reading →

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