The Truth Behind HeLa ~Taelor A.

Before reading chapter five of Rigor Mortis I can honestly say I had no idea what a cell line was. But after reading chapter five and doing some research I know that a cell line is a cell culture made from a single cell. Many scientists use cell lines to help their research for cancer but... Continue Reading →

News Flash : The Money You Have Been Donating Isn’t Going Where You Think It Is – Audra K.

Chapter 1 of Rigor Mortis by Richard Harris brings into light and discusses how the medical industry has faulty research methods which lead to skewed data and results, as well as millions, or even billions, of dollars wasted on studies and research that do not have the scientific backing that they should. Contrary to what... Continue Reading →

An Expanding Industry- Audra K

  Hello, my name is Audra K and I will be in sophomore BioMed next year. When someone hears I'm in BioMed, I am generally asked what I want to do with my life. They generally end up confused when my answer is not "orthopedic surgeon" or "pediatrician", but rather "I have some ideas, but... Continue Reading →

Before You Show It -Karla Ru

Fetal development is a very specific topic with a lot of numbers for many different aspects. The basic facts of pregnancy is that it lasts about 9 months, and comes with a lot of physical changes in the mother’s body. It all starts with conception-also known as “The Birds and The Bees”- when vagina allows... Continue Reading →

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