“Truth” or “Lie”? – Miesner

You might have heard the statistic currently buzzing around the internet that "7% of Americans think Chocolate Milk comes from brown cows."  Shocking - right?  How could Americans be so scientifically illiterate? When I read this "fact" I initially feel some of the same outrage that I have seen my students reflecting in their  posts... Continue Reading →

MetaChicks Donate their Quilt

The last project of 2016-2017 is now all wrapped up - quite literally!  The MetaChicks donated their perinatal mental health advocacy quilt to Postpartum Support International.  Thank you, Ms. Kreuzer, for visiting our school and taking the quilt for a good cause!

End of year recap and news!

There were 12 amazing and inspiring community partnership projects completed by the Ann Richards Biomedical Students this year that we hope you have enjoyed reading about on our blog.  To recap: Team Flo: Mother's Milk Bank of Austin...new volunteer training brochure for new facility Team Silex: Outreach and advocacy for African American mothers to accept... Continue Reading →

Progress Updates: Video Blogs!

Hello Beautiful People!  Here are a series of videos to help you make your project update video blogs (vlogs).  Just to make sure things are clear, here are the requirements: Length: 3-5 Minutes All team members heard/seen Posted on class blog by end of class Content: Problem (please don’t just read your problem statement) Why... Continue Reading →

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