Unassisted Childbirth- Ashwara


My name is Ashwara Pillai and I have just finished reading a book called, Get Me Out  by Randi Epstein. This book discusses the history and the importance of pregnancy.

In my last two blog posts I discussed Dr. Sims and DES, a drug. Today I will be discussing about freebirthers.

Freebirthers or women that are free from medical intervention, was very common in the 1900’s. Freebirthers would give birth at their own pace and at home. In 1978, a women named Laura was on all four on her bed. Her husband was filming the entire birth and Laura continued to have her other four children without a medical standpoint again. Laura is just one of the many freebirthers then.

Many use the “DIY birth” because they believe its healthier, physically and psychologically. Freebirthers believe this because they think that the baby should enter the world in a loving place without hospital lights, nurses, disruptive midwives, and doctors.

Freebirthers don’t use this method to prove a point. They use this method because they want to do whats best for their child.

“If you enter the world with smiles and cuddles, you’ll be a happier grown-up than if your first glimpse of the world outside the womb is latex gloves and feet in stirrups” (pg. 170)

Other freebirthers use this method because they see no reason for midwives, nurses, and doctors. A man from New Hampshire hadn’t of heard about this,  but after the easy birth of his two children he wanted to use the free birth method with his third child. So they decided to give birth to their third child named Christopher in a tent so that he could,

“.. Be born among the big hug of the mountains and listening to the birds and the water flowing as his first sounds” (pg.172)

Natalie Picone-Louro wanted to use the free birth method because she thought the peeing in the cup and seeing the heart rate was all unnecessary and that she trusted her body. She also bought that, giving birth took away from the beauty of being pregnant. She gave birth in her kitchen. She lifter her pelvis, reached through her legs, and out came her baby.

Because freebirthers are still a big deal, there are many websites with helpful tips and videos. They share birthing stories and advice. Like how to cut an umbilical cord with tape and scissors. In the videos, mothers will coo and not holler. They will say “Come on baby, we love you” in a calm and breathy voice.



5965fdb1d3c3f753798118cfa9446ef1   chiropractor-care-for-pregnant-women

Pregnant women

Showing how a women will go to a peaceful environment so her baby can come out looking at a nice view.


I really enjoyed learning about pregnancy and other information this summer with the help of this book. I learned many thing I never knew and I was intrigued with many chapters in the book. I can’t wait to absorb more information this year in biomed!






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