Story Dornsife’s Introduction to the BIG thing

Conception and birth are two very different things, but work hand in hand. If it weren't for conception, there wouldn't be birth, and if there wasn't birth there'd be no point to conception. The thing that happens between to two, the big  thing that ties the two together, is development. In the book Get Me Out: A... Continue Reading →

Childbirth opinion -Jennifer Del Aguila

While reading Get Me Out I came across with some weird interesting information that had me thinking that it can’t be true because it doesn’t make any sense. It said, “He said one woman thought about monkeys during a drunken sexual escapade and her kids turned out hairy. On the other hand, an ugly man... Continue Reading →

Unassisted Childbirth- Ashwara

Hello My name is Ashwara Pillai and I have just finished reading a book called, Get Me Out  by Randi Epstein. This book discusses the history and the importance of pregnancy. In my last two blog posts I discussed Dr. Sims and DES, a drug. Today I will be discussing about freebirthers. Freebirthers or women that are... Continue Reading →

More Options- Truc L

It is really surprising to see how C-section used to be a risky operation. In the past, C-section was something that was equal to death. “If she ‘does not respond to penetrating odors, is ice-cold, without a pulse, looks collapsed and pale as death, and if her breath leaves no traces on a mirror” (157).... Continue Reading →

To Trust or Not To Trust -Kayla Z

One of the things that continues to shock me while reading Get Me Out! is the amount of trust women had in their doctors and the lack of concern they had for the things they were putting into their body while pregnant. After finishing section 3 of this book and reading about the horrible consequences... Continue Reading →

A Strange Idea of Feminism By Kayla Z.

If there is one thing I noticed while reading section two of Get Me Out! it’s the conflicting idea of feminism that seeming became very common during the early 1900s. On one hand, leaps and bounds were made for women simply because equality between men and women was suddenly a belief that a majority of... Continue Reading →

Dying to Give Birth-Bunmi O.

Childbed fever is a completely new concept to me. I mean I'm learning a lot of new things from this book, but this especially I anted to go into detail about simply because of the fact that I didn't really understand it at first.  It's pretty self-explanatory that it's fever. In the book (Get Me... Continue Reading →

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