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It is really surprising to see how C-section used to be a risky operation. In the past, C-section was something that was equal to death.

“If she ‘does not respond to penetrating odors, is ice-cold, without a pulse, looks collapsed and pale as death, and if her breath leaves no traces on a mirror” (157).

The cesarean was operated only when the mother was dead. If not dead, then many women were wide awake during the operation. A cesarean without anesthesia. C-section was risky because you could easily get infections and eventually die. In past, many hospitals and surgeons were not super sanitary.
But today, C-section is a life-saving operation. My mother had a cesarean for both her kids. She told me the chance of survival for the baby in a C-section is 99.9%. The reason why my mother went through C-section because she was too weak to do a natural birth, and the doctor had recommended a cesarean.
I personally think that C-section is an operation that should only use when necessarily. Natural birth should be the way to go if you are healthy and the baby is in the right position. But by the end of the day, it is your body, you should know what it is best for you and your baby.



Now the freebirthers are the people who do not believe in the medical side to pregnancy. A lot of women are giving birth unassisted and natural. These women would give birth at home, with their husband or family members there for moral supports. They want their baby to see a warm environment when first arrive into the world, versus the noisy hospital.
Freebirthers also think that delivering is the same as sex.

“Try making a baby in a hospital with physicians and medical students watching and commenting” (182).


Freebirthing in a bathtub


I could see why some people think that way, but they should consider the risks. There were some instances when something went wrong during the delivery and they had to rush to the hospital. I could see how birthing could be a sweet moment, but I prefer the hospital because I believe in the doctors. What happen if my baby has a disease that I don’t know? What if I didn’t get it treated in time? There are so many possibilities that could go wrong, it is best to be prepared for when it comes. “Better safe than sorry”, that’s what I believe.
In the past, freebirthing might be a way to go, but now that the medical field is more advance, it is better to give birth at the hospital. My grandma was in a war when she was pregnant, she gave birth in many places. For examples the rice field, behind the bars (prison), and at her home. While my mother went through a caesarean at a hospital. There are many options for you to choose. So do your research, look at the pros and cons, and hope for the best.

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  1. Hi! I really liked hearing more about the different options of giving birth. I do agree that free birth is a bit risky, and the main pro (as it seems to be in Get Me Out) is that the moment when your baby is delivered will be all the sweeter and less stressful. However, hospital births can be nice too, because you look up at smiling nurses handing you a recently cleaned baby, and you hold on to your hospital tags for a keepsake, and you can still have your friends and family around you. I feel like C-sections are used more commonly than free birth because many people probably feel that it is safer as well. I also agree with the fact that C-sections should be used only when necessary, and natural birth should be used more commonly because I read this article: about how babies don’t inherit certain good bacteria while travelling through the birth canal. But maybe in the future our technology will improve so that C-sections will be a better option in the future.

  2. Truc,
    Beautiful and informative blog post! I agree with your thoughts on free birthing and how it only should be used if your body and mind can handle that sort of pain. My mother also had a C-section when giving birth to me because of my big head. My head wasn’t able to fit through her hips since she was more a petite lady back in the day. I would also be worried about my baby’s conditions if I were to freebirth. I’d rather lay that into the hands of professionals. Doctors didn’t go through more than 4 years of college for nothing. While reading, I found it interesting that people thought delivery was the same as sex. How does one come to that conclusion? But like they said in the book, “How you view childbirth is a reflection of your philosophy of life.”

    -Claudia Luong

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