Misled by Mice

"Slusher said it also soured the pharmaceutical industry on putting too much faith in animal studies." This is a statement from Richards Harris' book Rogor Mortis, chapter 4, in which I strongly agree with. In this chapter, Richard explains numerous experiements I. Which kice, rats, and even monkeys were used for  experimental  tests for later when scientists... Continue Reading →

Wrong Animal Model -Charlen P.

In chapter 4, Mislead By Mice I learned many important concepts when it come to treating, experimenting, testing with mice. Although they're not very accurate when it comes to see how it affect a human after being tested on a mice, scientist still continued this method. Although some scientists have expressed uncertainty and recognized the... Continue Reading →

Blindfolded-Yirha N

Sometimes we trust something that is untrustworthy. We are blindfolded, we are unaware of the risk factors behind it. That's something that I learned after reading chapter 5: Trusting the untrustworthy. “...unaware that they were actually HeLa, at an estimated cost of more than $100 million.” (Pg.96) https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/chadorzel/2017/01/24/how-much-scientific-research-is-wasted/amp/ In this chapter Dr.Nina Desai and her colleagues... Continue Reading →

Failures, Flaws and Findings – Alex S.

In the chapter, ‘It’s Hard Even on the Good Days’, Richard Harris moves from the general idea of reproducibility to the biases and flaws occurring in the labs that cause it and the failures they have lead to. He also brought in a lot more perspectives from different scientists and researchers, as well as examples... Continue Reading →

Never-ending Corners – Alex S.

When reading the preface and first chapter of Rigor Mortis, I was very interested in the points Richards Harris made, such as when he explains that cures to major diseases like cancer, alzheimer's and osteoarthritis always seem just around the corner, but, as he mentions, “It turns out we live in a world with an... Continue Reading →

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