The last Hoorah!- Doron

The question I will be answering is How has information in this book changed your own views on pregnancy and/or childbearing? My thoughts going into this book were that child birth used to be super dangerous because of the lack of knowledge but in reality women knew a lot of their body. What I thought was that most women died during childbirth for a very long time and that was true but that was when women didn’t have pre-natal vitamins and doctors weren’t as prepared. Women still gave birth at home with a midwife which in my opinion was super dangerous and the fact that people still do it is scary but they can access a hospital unlike the people back then. Something else that has changed my feelings towards childbirth is the amount of backup plans that doctors and nurses have if something goes wrong. They have plans for everything and they are ready for anything that could potentially harm the mother or child. I have personally always been terrified of childbirth because it seems painful and dangerous and I’ve heard that it is the most painful thing someone can do to their body. That doesn’t make it sound particularly appealing. As for the actual pregnancy it’s very easy to harm your unborn child by accidentally eating something or working out or continuing your daily activities. I think that a women doesn’t truly understand pregnancy until she is living it so I don’t know what to base these opinions off of but what I do know is that anyone who does decide to have a child is a super human because the process of growing another human in your body is completely incredible. Science has come such a long way to where people understand every single step of the pregnancy. Before all people understood was that the baby was growing inside their “ stomachs” and that soon they would be a parent. Now people can track their child’s growing process step by step in trimesters. Even blind people now are able to get a 3 dimensional image of their child’s picture via ultrasound. What that means to me is that right now is the safest time for a women to become pregnant that being said it’s the safest for women who have access to medical insurance and any sort of medical help during their pregnancy. Women in third world countries probably don’t feel as safe knowing that their medical treatment options are limited. Some old tribes in the smaller countries in the world still practice some traditions that put the pregnant women and child in harms way because of their outdated medical practices. I’m sure for anyone living in an undeveloped country becoming pregnant is a scary thing. Hopefully one day with the help of science and technology all women will have the ability to have a safe and successful pregnancy and their child will be able to seek the medical attention that he or she may or may not need. This is a link to a great article posted by writers at Baby Center and it describes a c- section and why one would choose to have a c-section.

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  1. I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on Get Me Out, and I didn’t really think about what it’s like for people in third world countries to have children. I was so frightening to hear about women giving birth without hospitals or proper medical care, but some people don’t actually have access to them. And I agree that it seems like a bad idea to put one’s body through such strain as pushing another human being out of your vagina, but perhaps one day I’ll understand why it’s actually worth it.
    Over the years, we have also changed our state of mind towards pregnancy along with our technology. Women used to think that they would probably die, but now we know that most people actually survive giving birth. I hope that when our generation starts to have kids, the technology will be so great that when we give birth, the mortality rate will be 0.

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