Childbirth opinion -Jennifer Del Aguila

While reading Get Me Out I came across with some weird interesting information that had me thinking that it can’t be true because it doesn’t make any sense. It said, “He said one woman thought about monkeys during a drunken sexual escapade and her kids turned out hairy. On the other hand, an ugly man... Continue Reading →

A Sex That All Thrive For-Carolina&Crystal

Finding the gender of a baby can be found by an ultrasound at the 4-5 month mark, but in the present day, we have been introduced to an innovation, known as the Non-Invasive Prenatal Baby Gender Test. This is a maternal blood test that can determine the fetus’ sex as early as seven weeks by... Continue Reading →

Get Me To The End- Sierra

As I finished reading the last sections of Get Me Out by Randi Hutter Epstein, I found myself thinking long and hard about certain topics that were discussed in the book. The section that I found most interesting was section 4. Section 4 was a very short section but very, very informative. This section consisted of... Continue Reading →

The last Hoorah!- Doron

The question I will be answering is How has information in this book changed your own views on pregnancy and/or childbearing? My thoughts going into this book were that child birth used to be super dangerous because of the lack of knowledge but in reality women knew a lot of their body. What I thought... Continue Reading →

Unassisted Childbirth- Ashwara

Hello My name is Ashwara Pillai and I have just finished reading a book called, Get Me Out  by Randi Epstein. This book discusses the history and the importance of pregnancy. In my last two blog posts I discussed Dr. Sims and DES, a drug. Today I will be discussing about freebirthers. Freebirthers or women that are... Continue Reading →

To cut or not to cut -Sophie W

First off, I would like to acknowledge how amazing it was to read Get Me Out and think alongside some of the most prominent people in obstetrics throughout time. I thought it was really neat to be able to track the thought process of people trying to pave the way for women to have safe and... Continue Reading →

Hospitals vs. Freebirthers-Emma W.

Back in the 1970s, you didn’t give birth without some medical assistance. However, for the Shanley family, that wasn’t the case. They called themselves ‘Freebirthers’, people who gave birth without any hospitalization or medical assistance. The mother gave birth to five children without medical attention. They weren’t alone in the category, as many other families... Continue Reading →

Blog Post #2- Doron

The question I will be answering today is how have reproductive technology and knowledge of female hormone cycles changed the way the field of medicine approaches childbirth? When a women wants to become pregnant she plans around her cycle. The best time to get pregnant is during ovulation when the lining of uterus is thick and... Continue Reading →

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