Comfort4U Data Collection Complete ! -Kaiyla Washington

Greetings from the Comfort4U Data Squad!  In the past few weeks the Comfort4U team has been working hard in trying to keep up with the fast paste. During this learning experience I and my partner Deanna Watson have been working on how to collaborate with the other Comfort4U team compartments. Me and Deanna’s role in the room is collect data, the data that we currently collected last class was a variety of both qualitative and quantitative data of comfort to the students. With the qualitative data is based on a ranking of comfort by the students from one to ten. The qualitative data is based and calculated by the difference of comfort from a standard chair to the comfort of the cushion.

While testing we got a lot of positive data with the comfort of our Comfort4U chair. During data collection we directed towards students in different grade levels within the Ann Richards School. Most of our data came back with a huge difference between the regular standard school chairs, the ranges of those difference were in between 3-6 which is good cause we would have a median of 4 ½ which is always reasonable when looking at data plus this was our first prototype.  The distribution of pressure was tested by using force plate sensors. The sensors measured the force placed upon it in (newtons), we tested that with and without the cushion to show contrast in force. The way we made sure that we collected the most efficient data is that we placed sticky notes with “X” them and entrusted every test subject to sit on the X according to their buttox and there hamstring.

Original Image -Kaiyla Washington
Original Image -Kaiyla Washington

The data collected with that was very satisfying , the set up to collect the data was that we placed the force plate on one chair connected to a lab quest and had them sit on the force plate to record their initial weight in newtons. Once that was recorded we moved on to placing the force plate under the Comfort4U cushion and recorded the force in newtons of them sitting down on the cushion. During collecting data we started to see a positive trend of the force decreasing. This trend proved that our hypothesis was accurate since the difference between the school chair and the Comfort4U chair decreased. It proved that the cushion that we manufactured caused less stress to the buttox and back area causing the students to then feel comfortable during their personal learning day.

Original Image - Kaiyla Washington
Original Image – Kaiyla Washington

Although collection data was complicated with carrying what felt like a 20 pound force plate sensor up and down the stairs, it was all worth it because we have collected all our data, and are now more then ready to share our finding.

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  1. I’m impressed with your design, I think back problems are increasing everyday due to uncomfortable seats, but your design could be the potential solving problems of back pain. I like that your created a data after testing the new chair it is a great idea to see the customer’s rating between the two chairs. I suggest that you finalize your chair and look for another chairs that are sold in the markets and compare and contrast your design. I also suggest that you make a special thing attached to the chair to make it unique from others. Now speaking of design of the chair, I was looking through this website that has great designs that you might consider, one of my favorite design is the WING because it provides comfort not only for the back but for the arms and legs. Overall, I’m excited to see the design, I’m making similar to that in providing comfort for the wrist, and I want to see what materials you have used in making the chair.

    J SPA

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