Breathing – Pattie A

As I continued to read and finish Get Me Out by Randi Hutter Epstein, my knowledge of a female pregnancy has expanded. The last parts of the book really opened my eyes to the evolution of science in general and the extremes a female, wanting to be and or an expecting mother is willing to... Continue Reading →

Nice and Cozy- Eleanor B.

This week in biomed my team and I focused on the construction and development of our product prototype. We discussed customer needs and materials to use, as well as how we are going to make the prototype. The material we are using is similar to that of a "Dri-FIT" material. We chose this because it... Continue Reading →

POW Update: Eleanor Bailey

Our team met today and reflected on the process of creating our joint model. We discussed the next steps in or project and how we would tackle them. We also created a design matrix to evaluate our customer needs and rank their importance. We included how our sample product we got met those needs and... Continue Reading →

Comfort4U- Ramos, Horr, Vargas, Abad

At Make-o-Rama our group presented our final product which was a presentation board filled with information that Marketing and Research gathered over the weeks. This information included our customer profile, competitor profile, marketing strategy, research, experimental data and test results, experimental conclusion, and extra tidbits of facts and quotes we felt embodied our mission and... Continue Reading →

Art Inspired!- Gabriela Ramos

Hello Again! The team and I have been working diligently in order to create our marketing-slash-business plan. Comfort4U has decided that instead of creating a typical document that displays information in prolix fashion that we would create a collage that uses graphic design to convey our message. It’s been a hectic two weeks, as we’ve... Continue Reading →

Interviews and Collaging- Daisy Horr

This week Comfort4U has been getting “artsy-fartsy,” scavenging some architectural design magazines for images that reflect the goals of our marketing team. Some main images we have cut out include several chair designs to reflect how Comfort4U aims to take the standard chair, and extend it to become much more useful and appealing to the... Continue Reading →

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