The End Is Near by Dennis Vera

What once seemed like the beginning is now coming to an end. When we were assigned to create a prototype on anything we would like, our main focus was Bioethics. Since Zabdi, Carina and I were interested in Law and we wanted to do something with our pathway too. At first when we were choosing the way we wanted our Bioethics topic to be presented, we decided it would be a good idea to include computer science into the project. Therefore, we wanted to create a game in which people would learn the basics of Biomedical, but they would also have fun. At the beginning we started researching different types of coding for the computer, but then when we went back and reflected as a group, we realized that we would not have enough time to create the game. This led to us deciding to build an Ebook.

Currently, our team is working on putting the Ebook together, after all the research that we accumulated about Bioethics. Although, the app we will be using for Bioethics is IAuthor. Through our process of looking to see which Ebook we should use, a lot of research went into making sure that the Ebook we chose was going to be the right Ebook. We researched HTML5 Digital, Creating Ebooks, IBooks Author, Publish Paper, and Mobi Pocket Creator 4.2. We researched how much flexibility we were able to have within the app, as well as the quantity of things we could do within the app. Ultimately, we decided between two main apps, which can be seen in the table below.


Finalized Types of Ebooks:


HTML5 IAuthor
  • Web, Smart phone, Tablet, and Facebook
  • Outstanding digital magazine software
  • Can be viewed everywhere
  • PDF file downloaded then will be turned into Ebook
  • A bunch of people look through this flipbooks on different technological devices
  • Can work on the editing any time
  • It is used by 100,000+ publishers, thus quite popular
  • Free for users
  • Allows to create any kind of book
  • Only for iPad and Mac
  • Includes galleries, videos, interactive diagrams, 3D objects,and more
  • Can add widgets, seems flexible, can drag
  • Allows you to create books that people with disabilities can read
  • Popular for the creation of textbooks
  • Used in 2,500 classrooms around the country
  • Available for 80% of US High School Curriculum
  • Recently added new templates
  • Free for users

At the end we concluded that IAuthor would be the app that we would use because it is more flexible, and it makes it so that a variety of people are able to read it. Through this app, any kind of book is created and the book comes more to life.

Karina Working on Project

Taken by Dennis Vera

As a team we are finishing the book and waiting for the big day in which Make O-Rama will be taking place. Cannot wait for all of you to see our final project, thank you so much for being part of our journey. The end is near!


Picture taken by Dennis Vera

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  1. I’m glad to here you all selected an app to use to make your eBook. I am really curious about how the eBook will turn out. You must have had to cut quite a bit of your research to fit it into the app in time. I would have to agree with your choice of app. I think the IAuthor app has more to offer and will be more accessible for students. That leads me to my question. Who is this for and why? What I mean by that is who is your primary audience and why do you think they will use/need your eBook. I can see it as a helpful resource for people researching these topics or simply for informing the public but I wanted to know what your reasoning was.
    -Ana F.

  2. I like your idea! I think it’s important that people know they can have fun while learning at the same time. My capstone group (CNI) has been building an app! While we did have slightly more time for our capstone than we did for this class project, I am familiar with your time dilemma. It takes a long time to build an app and trying to do this would be close to impossible with the time constraint we had. Your idea for the eBook is nice and it would be cool if in the future it could possibly be turned into an app by someone with more experience and spare time! Can’t wait to see the final product! Smart thinkers!

  3. I love your designs and ideas. and I really think that you are doing an amazing job at creating something that is interesting, fun and educational.I’m glad that you were able to come up with something new even though the coding for the game didn’t go as well as expected, and I’m sure the final product will be amazing.

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