Quick and Easy-Ilianna N

After reading chapter 6 Jumping to conclusions I realized that the National institute of Health or the NIH  and FDA or the Food and Drug Association has to do with almost everything, the snacks we eat and the medical tests the doctors offices and hospital have to offer. Such as the one that will detect ovarian cancer without having to go through any surgical procedures. ” Many women learn they have the disease in its later stages when it’s especially hard to treat, while others undergo unnecessary surgery simply to rule it out. ” (pg 123) With these new tests the doctors and researchers suddenly started becoming famous and were called to talk on tv shows such as the TODAY show.

One in seventy-five women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer so this new test would be very helpful for someone who was possibly showing symptoms. According to the American Cancer Society research has led to a better understanding of how the genetic and hormonal factors could lead to  finding better ways to possibly prevent ovarian cancer.Then Baggerly’s  the tests started producing mistakes and the information was wrong and not what he needed. So he changed the results himself to get the results that he needed to prove that his tests were correct and doing what they were supposed to. This to me seems totally outrageous because then you could possibly be telling someone with ovarian cancer that they don’t have it. He is really just causing everyone harm because one he could be sued for the incorrect test result and would no longer be a trusted individual or scientist, and he is hurting the patient who has cancer.

Now we have new information that can help detect how much of a gene mutation the  BRCA1 and BRCA 2 gene can increase the ovarian cancer risks that will help with decisions for prevention such as getting both ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.



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