Quick and Easy-Ilianna N

After reading chapter 6 Jumping to conclusions I realized that the National institute of Health or the NIH  and FDA or the Food and Drug Association has to do with almost everything, the snacks we eat and the medical tests the doctors offices and hospital have to offer. Such as the one that will detect... Continue Reading →

Cell Lines? What are those? -Ilianna N

While reading chapter 5 the words cell line popped up more than a few times so I kept questioning myself and was like " Do I know what a cell line is? Did I ever learn about this?" After asking myself this question more than once I decided to look it up online because for... Continue Reading →

Who I am -Ilianna N

Hello my name is Ilianna and the reason that I am in the Biomed Pathway is because I have always wanted to help people. I have been around medicine and science all my life so I felt that maybe the way that I could be helping people is with science. My dad has a degree... Continue Reading →

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