Cell Lines? What are those? -Ilianna N

While reading chapter 5 the words cell line popped up more than a few times so I kept questioning myself and was like ” Do I know what a cell line is? Did I ever learn about this?” After asking myself this question more than once I decided to look it up online because for some reason I understand technology better than books. A cell line is a cell culture made from one cell that has genetic makeup according to the google dictionary. After finding out what a cell line is I can definitely tell you that they are important. Cell lines have your genetic material and this is what makes a person them.

“Unlike typical cells extracted from a person these kept dividing and proliferating indefinitely. This immortal cell line Labeled HeLa, was just the first of many and because HeLa cells grew so quickly, they became rapacious weeds in the world of biomedical research. ”  (pg 94-95)  Since  the HeLa cells became such a big thing in the biomedical world it led to the the use of inactive Hela cells being made into the HPV or cervical cancer Vaccine which is something this is strongly recommended.

Cell lines were used in a lot of cancer researching projects but most of the time the cell lines were disturbed by something  known as  a HeLa cells. While most cells die the cells collected from a women in 1951 at John Hopkins hospital  with cervical cancer named Henrietta Lacks didn’t die. The HeLa cells have actually been very helpful because they have been used to create polio vaccines and they have been able to help scientists and doctors have a better understanding of cancer, HIV, AIDS and even basic cells. HIV and AIDS have been a problem that many doctors have been trying to figure out a cure for.


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