From A Fetus-Carolina Vazquez

I can go on and on talking about how a baby starts with a fertilized egg and how it turns into a zygote and it divides many times to be a blastocyst that becomes attached to your uterus lining and how that grows into your child. But maybe all that I just said made no sense to you and that’s okay because

An activity done in class comparing the fetus to fruits at different stages in pregnancy

it made no sense to me either, it took many models comparing the uterus at each point of the trimesters and to know how big a fetus was at those points and what happens to really understand what was going on.
I’ll make this so that you can understand what goes on with your child in the course of nine months, but what better person to share with you than a fetus!
Hello there, I am a fetus soon I will get to see my parents and the world and have cute clothes that say something cheesy like “I wasn’t a one person job” Pretty cool stuff I know.
Let’s start with the beginning, we all know the “when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much they…” so I shall skip that. The egg of my mother was fertilized with the sperm of my father, this egg made its way into the uterus and my journey of being a human began.
By the end of the third month (end of the third trimester) I was the size of a lime, but man was I already mighty, my heart was beating, the nervous, digestive, and the excretory system were developing and I started becoming more humanly looking. my face became clear and fingers and toes appeared and my GENITALS! That’s where my parents found out that I was a boy and a handsome one.
Then at the end of the 6th-month mark(end of the second trimester) I was already the size of a large mango, my skin, hair, and nails (integumentary system) were apparent I started moving (sorry mom) I had a major growth in brain development and my lung sacks were also developing.
And this is where I’m at, the last stage, the 8th-month mark and the last trimester. I really became a big boy, I’m about the size of a cabbage, talk about cabbage patch kids huh. Anyway, I kept developing in size and putting on my weight and my organs are complete in development. Pretty exciting stuff right?

Mothers body changes during pregnancy

But I was not the only one to develop, many of my mother’s organs like her liver, lungs,
stomach and bladder were compressed and it becomes difficult sometimes for her. There are hormone changes (yes mom, everyone noticed) and her skin changed, there were stretch marks, acne, and her breast got bigger but you still look lovely! She had many small contractions to prepare her body for the real thing, childbirth.



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