The Process of Conception and Prenatal Human Development

What happens between conception and birth? you make ask, well in conception you are conceiving a child or a child is being conceived from you. And before birth happens a little human  is being developed in your uterus throughout time. The baby goes through three trimesters and in each trimester the baby is developing different body systems/organs. Did you know that? because I didn’t I always thought a baby only had one stage it went through and that all the development occurred there but I guess not.  


The baby goes through different stages before it forms, it first is a zygote then a morula and then a fetus. As the baby develops inside you it takes weeks to develop specific organs/body systems. The baby first develops the heart but is not completely ready but the heart begins to beat. You see I never knew what organ developed first in pregnancy but it is fascinating to now know what formed first. It takes precious time for a baby to be completely formed. In the first trimester the baby develops a nervous and digestive system. It also develops ears,eyes, brain, head, facial characteristics in general. It starts to develop the excretory system rapidly which I personally didn’t know that or knew what was being formed but now very interesting to know that I know what’s going on.


As the development of the baby keeps on happening we come to the second trimester of the baby. In this trimester  the integumentary system is being developed as well has the hair growing. But the most fascinating thing to know is that the heart is audible with a stethoscope now and the brain rapidly develops and well as the lung sacs are developed but not quite matured yet. I always had the thought that you can hear the heartbeat of the baby whenever you wanted but now I know it takes time to hear the heartbeat of the baby.You see pregnancy isn’t a easy thing in life its literally a big change in life as well as for your body. You see I never knew that all your organs got compressed inside of you and it’s all because as your baby develops it is expanding your uterus to make room while it also pushes your organs up to make space. You see I never knew all these changes occurred in your body and it is quite interesting to know all this information before getting pregnant.


As the baby develops even more we come to the third trimester where everything happens before birth. The baby is developed but there is a time where it isn’t quite ready to survive out of the womb without medical intervention. The baby accumulates fat for its body and as time passes the baby is ready to come out. When you are about to give birth you have to dilate 10 cm for the baby to come out if not the baby’s head is not gonna go through. While you push you baby you have to be seated in a angle and not be laying down because if not the baby won’t come out. You see it’s quite a thing to know about because if I never knew what happens to our body while a baby is being developed who knows what can be happening inside of us. Prenatal human development  has a lot to learn from because there is never too much information.

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