Vision For Success

As sophomores, we are responsible for creating a solution to a problem around our community. Our group, CYEN, has encountered the issues of, whether The Seton Medical Center, Seton-Dell Children's Center, Breckenridge Medical Center, and the Seton Medical Sport and Neuro Rehab Center here in Austin, TX are actual “Mother Friendly”sites. Having said this, we... Continue Reading →

We have the right to pump!-Carolina V., Yoselin R., Elie T., Nayeli E.,

We are CYEN, otherwise known as, Carolina V., Yoselin R., Elie T., and Nayeli E. We are a group of students from the Ann Richards School who are working with an organization know as, Texas Mother Friendly Worksites. As a team, we decided to use the initials of our first names, which sounds similar to... Continue Reading →

False advertising?-Carolina Vazquez

Welcome to my final blog post about the book Get Me Out A History of childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank by Randi Hutter Epstein though part four to five about advances in technology. Do doctors know what’s best for us, or do we know what’s best for us? Maybe we as women... Continue Reading →

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