Slaves Contribution – Jennifer D.A

As I continued reading Get Me Out it got more interesting but at the same time disappointing. When I started to read about “Slave Women’s Contribution to Gynecology” it made me feel sick based on what people did to these poor innocent salves. It said “Medical students spread her legs and opened the lips of her vagina while Sims used his newest invention, the speculum, made from two large spoons he picked up at the local hardware store. With Betsey mounted on the table and legs pushed apart, Sims exclaimed that he saw “everything, as no man had ever seen before.” (Pg 42) Reading this made me think that they weren’t respectful towards women in general. I know that they are slaves but they also deserve to be well respected. It’s not fair to not keep them uncovered while a lot of people are watching her while the doctor is doing what he has to do. In my opinion that’s an embarrassing moment because strangers are watching you all naked like god brought you to this world, and you don’t even know them at all. 
In addition, this was a terrible situation they use ten female slaves to experiment on and if they died they would gather more. It said “All we know is that these young women, all postpartum, moved into a makeshift hospital in Dr. J. Marion Simsbackyard, where they became Guinea pigs in a gruesome and prolonged medical experiment. The upshot for their remarkable endurance was a cure for one of the most horrible side effects of childbirth. Dr. Sims used slaves to figure out how to repair holes in the vaginal wall.” (Pg 35) In my opinion this was a messed up situation because they didn’t know that they were doing, and they were just testing out whatever. I wouldn’t want to be that one person to die based on a doctor experimenting on me not knowing what to do. This was a rough situation knowing that slaves did have the right to anything but just obeying. 
However, there was at least benefits from this, where they figured out what to do if these things happened, for example if your uterus was twisted they knew what to do to fix it. I’m guessing they developed good techniques towards women and their intimate part. But like said they had to lose something to gain something and that was losing a lot of slave lives during this whole process.

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