C-Section – Jennifer D.A

Should women have C-sections just because they want to? In my opinion they should not, just because they don’t want to go through all the pain doesn’t mean they should get one. Like it said “You get pregnant to have a child, not to have a delivery.” (Pg 154) This quote has a meaning to me, because in my opinion if you get pregnant you should know that you are going to deliver you like it or not that’s a part of life. You can’t just get pregnant and expect it to come out of nowhere. You know what you were going to get yourself into, so if you start something you have to finish it. The only reason you should get a C-section is if you can’t deliver a baby naturally. It said “In 1908, Franklin S. Newell, a Harvard physician, put forth the prescient notion of C-section for social reasons, maintaining that elite turn-of-the-century ladies should have C-sections because they were too fragile to push.” (Pg 160) Like said that’s the only reason you can have a C-section because you have a reason. 
As I kept reading it was crazy in how women did their own C-section. It said “In 1822, a 14-year-old Long Island maid pregnant with twins buried herself in a pile of snow and cut open her belly and pulled out one baby. Her boss, a doctor found her and delivered the other baby and sewed her back together.” (Pg 158) I find this observed in how desperately they want to have a baby by C-section. They don’t even know the consequences they are going through. Even though they survive they don’t even know if they would survive for the next one. They need to understand why they don’t let them have a C-section in the first place.
Even though some of them risk their lives to have a child, we gotta accept they are human beings, yeah they might not have been naturally born but they are still children. There are some risks in C-section as well as natural labor. I always thought what if my mother ever had a C-section, would it be more painful than natural birth or the same or reverse? Sometimes these questions come to mind. But I always ask myself, would I even want to go through that? And if I do, what will be my experience? And how much pain would I go through? These are the questions I ask myself, and to be honest it’s pretty scary. 


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