The Sleeping Beauties- Executive Summary

Postpartum insomnia is a mental disorder that often occurs after mothers have given birth recently. Postpartum insomnia is not just regular lack of sleep, this disorder is the feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed in the mind, even when the body is tired. As The Sleeping Beauties we decided to partner up with Austin Prenatal... Continue Reading →

The Sleeping Beauties- Jennifer & Natalia

Hello! This is Jennifer & Natalia and this is our video of our presentation it includes all these questions below. This the link to view our video Problem Why your problem is important What is your solution? How did you get that idea? Why will your solution work? Where are you now? What are you... Continue Reading →

C-Section – Jennifer D.A

Should women have C-sections just because they want to? In my opinion they should not, just because they don't want to go through all the pain doesn't mean they should get one. Like it said “You get pregnant to have a child, not to have a delivery.” (Pg 154) This quote has a meaning to... Continue Reading →

Slaves Contribution – Jennifer D.A

As I continued reading Get Me Out it got more interesting but at the same time disappointing. When I started to read about “Slave Women’s Contribution to Gynecology” it made me feel sick based on what people did to these poor innocent salves. It said “Medical students spread her legs and opened the lips of... Continue Reading →

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