Drum roll… and here comes the Keyboard Pillow-JYaqoob

In the past few weeks Yaqoob began to design and make the keyboard pillow after the researches that she had done. Throughout these weeks, it all about how to build the keyboard pillow and what challenges will she face. The product will be tested while being made to make an efficient product. To start making a successful product, Yaqoob was inspired from the Chron magazine of “How to Make A New Product Successful” of the five elements that make a successful product which address customer needs, and availability, which is the goal of making this product to provide comfort for typers.

In the past weeks, research have been put to the sides and action have started. Yaqoob started by collecting all materials such as cotton bag, cotton, and small wooden balls (see diagram 1) that will be used to make a keyboard pillow. These materials in diagram 1 are for one pillow, so if making two pillows the amount of materials would be doubled for example, there would be two cotton bags, two small wooden balls, and double the amount of cotton. Cotton couldn’t be measured as in quantity but more as quality such as taking in consideration when filling in the cotton bag if the cotton too much or too little and that is determined if a person can feel the small wooden ball then more cotton should be added, but not too much if felt the pillow is too high to type with.

Original photo taken by JYaqoob (diagram 1)
Original photo taken by JYaqoob (diagram 1)

Yaqoob have started the process of making the pillow by measuring down the cotton bags in inches and sewing it and filling the bags with cotton, and putting one wooden ball inside it. The reason why one wooden ball was chosen was because she tried out with two balls and it wasn’t comfortable to type plus the cotton should not be too much. It should be kept in mind that the wrist should be on the same slope (straight slope) as the keyboard so the wrist won’t have wrong posture and won’t break the alignment of the wrist. One of the problems and difficulties that Yaqoob is facing currently is making the pillow on a good level so the wrist can be on a straight line and having comfort while typing. So far, Yaqoob have tested the product before making any further adjustment on people who type and some said that it was effective and some said “I will need to get to used to it”. She will be working on on keeping the pillow comfortable. Lately, she have done lots of sewing in machine carefully from all four sides of the pillow and have made two pillows so far (see diagram 2)

Original photo taken by JYaqoob (diagram 2)
Original photo taken by JYaqoob (diagram 2)

One challenge Yaqoob is facing currently is how to make the keyboard pillow connected to the wrist so it won’t move while typing, there have been many suggestions such as magnet, use other materials, or fabric that stretches (see diagram 3), she will be working on that this week.

https://www.google.com/search?q=valcom&safe=active&biw=1366&bih=624&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=AzzxVPWHEuSwsAS1rYHgBw&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAg#safe=active&tbm=isch&q=wrist+bracelet&imgdii=_&imgrc=oiaeoU_J8vqAtM%253A%3BkTKW8mkUXnsxrM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.baseballrampage.com%252Fproductphotos%252Fdemarini-wrist-band_display.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Ffashionbuzz4us.blogspot.com%252F2010%252F07%252Flatest-wrist-bracelets-and-bands-2010.html%3B400%3B350 (diagram 3)

The next step after making two keyboard pillows where it will hold the wrist in its place would be making instructions and procedures to audience of how to make one just like these pillows. With her schedule, Yaqoob will probably be done the week after Spring Break. The pillows would not be sold at a website nor in a store, moreover it would be put in a maker space in the school, but it is easy to make and the materials are available at any store.

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  1. I liked your blog post and I think that your idea of the keyboard pillow is really cool, but I was just wondering if cotton had enough support to make the wrists comfortable? I was thinking of maybe adding a good amount of cotton to the pillow if not adding another type of material along side the cotton like some sort of foam. Maybe since our school is located close to the many stores, you can take a quick field-trip to go check out different materials that the stores have and see if any of them could be used to make the pillow more comfortable or add to whatever you need to make your product more better for you. Also I liked the design of the product, its really nice. When you talked about having the pillow stable in order for it not to move as much, I was thinking about using something sticky that could be paste to the pillow and also the the computer in order to help the pillow maintain stable. Maybe if you don’t want to add sticky strips, you may consider using magnets. These can be removable and once close to the computer they will stick to the computer helping it stay still and once you remove the pillow it wont leave anything sticky behind. Maybe add the magnets to the inside of the pillow and instead of adding large and heavy magnets, you could use small circular magnets and add it at the bottom inside of the pillow and paste them there to help the maintain in their place. Anyway, this is all I could came up with, I hope this helps or help you generate more ideas. Overall your design is really cool and I think I might use the keyboard pillow myself.
    -Jennifer Martinez

  2. When reading about your project I remembered a video Tyler Oakley uploaded on YouTube explaining why he had a circled callus on his wrist and it was from using his laptop for a long time and pressing down hard on it, I feel that your product can help people that type for a long time. This week you asked me to test your products and see which one I preferred. After testing them out I chose and realized that it was a lot more comfortable and I wished to keep using it. While testing it, the pillows did move, so I believe it is a great idea for you to design a way that they stay in position. You could try creating a bracelet that can connect to the wrist with a piece of Velcro on each side so it is almost like a pillow bracelet. I hope to test your product again in the future and good luck!

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