Breaking News! – Stephanie Perez

The Sensor VENTURA group has decided to change directions! We are no longer going to be placing sensors in the trailer, but now we are going to Knit Graffiti the outside of the trailer and still restore the inside of the trailer as well. Most of our project is engineering based, but to add in biomedical aspects into it each time we knit we will take our pulse and record data before and after to see of knitting is truly a stress reliever or not (Based on the data we collect).

The main idea for the trailer is for it to look like this…


We thought that paining the outside of it would just be boring and never cover up any of the dents and holes, so by knitting the outside it will be something different and add to insulate the thin walls. Personally my knitting skills are new to me and I am still learning, while Sofia is a novice on the matter, were each going at different paces to knit different sections of the trailer.

Learning how to Knit
Learning how to Knit


For this we are asking for help from knitting club, thrift shops, and donators of knitted sections. The more random they are the cooler the trailer will look. Our inspiration for this is from Ms. Sayeg, who dose similar projects- the link is below so check her out!

For an update on restoring the inside, Sofia and I have finished trimming down the paneling and we are ready to start putting that back in properly. Also rewiring the tail lights is planned to happen soon.

So I guess you can say the Sensor VENTURA has changed to Knit VENTURA!!!

This is what we have been doing so far, and the next update is soon to come.

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  1. Stephanie, I love this idea! As a person who knits occasionally, I feel like all I can ever knit is scarfs. The idea of using pieces of knitting to yarn-bomb the trailer is ingenious. I know a lot of people (my grandmother being one of them) has yards and yards of knitting that she just has sitting near her desk not being used. I think it would be really interesting if you attempted to find different strips of knitting from different members of the community to yarn bomb the trailer in order to encourage a community.
    Good luck with the knitting!

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