The last Hoorah!- Doron

The question I will be answering is How has information in this book changed your own views on pregnancy and/or childbearing? My thoughts going into this book were that child birth used to be super dangerous because of the lack of knowledge but in reality women knew a lot of their body. What I thought... Continue Reading →

Say What You Mean -Karla.Ru

When woman first heard about the term “Natural Birth”, they thought that it was such a crazy thing to think about. Who would want to endure all of the pain and suffering of childbirth? Not woman in the 1950’s. Although the French film wasn't exactly the first time woman heard of natural birth, they reacted... Continue Reading →

Breathing – Pattie A

As I continued to read and finish Get Me Out by Randi Hutter Epstein, my knowledge of a female pregnancy has expanded. The last parts of the book really opened my eyes to the evolution of science in general and the extremes a female, wanting to be and or an expecting mother is willing to... Continue Reading →

Mental – Pattie A.

  I’ve seen and read many articles about the benefits of hospital births, but never have I been so upset as to why parents decide to have a child at the hospital. As I was reading part two of Get Me Out by Randi Hutter Epstein, I learned how the mid 1850’s-1900’s was a time... Continue Reading →

We Made It, Sorta. – Sarahi V.

Not too long until we finally get to the end of this journey, it feels like yesterday we really had no idea how we were going to actually come up with a joint protection device. To say we’ve come a long way would be understatement. We have started our final product which has two layers... Continue Reading →

Nice and Cozy- Eleanor B.

This week in biomed my team and I focused on the construction and development of our product prototype. We discussed customer needs and materials to use, as well as how we are going to make the prototype. The material we are using is similar to that of a "Dri-FIT" material. We chose this because it... Continue Reading →

POW Update: Eleanor Bailey

Our team met today and reflected on the process of creating our joint model. We discussed the next steps in or project and how we would tackle them. We also created a design matrix to evaluate our customer needs and rank their importance. We included how our sample product we got met those needs and... Continue Reading →

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