Even More New Beginnings :: Alana C.

First, we saw JIA Seats turn from a car seat company to an unnamed company making lockers for college showers. Now, we saw us going from making shower lockers to making cubbies. Now reformed and changed, JIA Seats has ultimately been renamed to “Fun Cubbies.” Once, we were set on making shower lockers for a Small Spaces Contest, with a good idea on our minds, and research being done in order to move on with our nice idea of a needed shower locker for a college dorm. Soon after, we were told about a potential project to change our idea of a shower locker to something similar, a simple cubby. We are excited about this new project, because the need for a different type of cubby is necessary. At first, the Fun Cubbies team was confused about how we can make this project something new and unique, since it is simple to throw some wood together and make any other cubby you’ve probably seen. Soon, upon simple research of all kinds of cubbies and pictures, we were soon able to realize how we can make these cubbies unique. We realized that most day cares with cubbies are built in, so they would not be able to move if remodeling was needed, and they cannot be customized, but instead they should be more fun, especially for a child to be able to have a little fun with as well. Fun Cubbies came up with some ideas to make our awesome new cubby something that a child would be able to fit all their stuff into, would not take up too much space, and that was visually appealing and fun for a child to play with. “To play with,” you ask? Our idea was to have the cubbies’ walls be covered in chalkboard paint, so that the child may be able to customize it and write and draw whatever they please to. I personally have never seen something like this before, and I know I would have enjoyed a cubby I can draw all over (it’s better than writing on the walls!).

A photo of the average cubby taken in a home.
A photo of the average cubby taken in a home.

So Fun Cubbies now has a new task, which is to make and customize new cubbies for a small space by making it better for any type and shape of space it is put on. We are thinking about making the cubbies little puzzle piece kind of blocks, making them stackable and able for the day care coordinators to use whichever cubbies are actually useful, and rearrange them as needed. Soon, we are thinking about about ordering and building the materials we will need to make this, since we are hoping to finish all research and designs very soon. We are looking forward to this new task, especially since it is much needed!

Our idea of a cubby that contains different sizes. Courtesy of http://decorlavie.blogspot.com/2010/03/tetris-puzzle-rack.html
Our idea of a cubby that contains different sizes.
Courtesy of http://decorlavie.blogspot.com/2010/03/tetris-puzzle-rack.html

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  1. I love the idea of chalkboards in the cubbies and I think that kids would love it. Are you planning on having it have some sort of lock system built into it, or be an open cubby like the ones pictured in your blog? For kids I would think an open system would be best, but for a dorm room shower locker I would think a lock would be needed. I think this is a really cute idea, good job on your work so far!

    Oceane Maher

  2. I love your idea of modular (restackable and customizable) cubbies! I have many versions of this for adults, but I think a version for children would be very fun both to construct and to play with. Maybe you could even sell the product in pieces and have an adult put it together with a child’s help, like Ikea furniture. I found a similar set of instructions here (http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/skill-builder/0,,20264752,00.html… but it’s not linking correctly for me) though these are for adults, not children. I do have one concern – I think a free, open design is great, but if it climbs high against the wall, it should be anchored somehow so it doesn’t fall on a child’s head.

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