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What you see in the picture above is our groups ideas for the app we want to market with our product. Our product will require this app as it will keep all of the information that you need on your phone! This makes it easy for the person to see their habits and how they can be changed. While the app logo and graphic designs aren’t finalized, we plan to use something in that general range of images. We believe that by having an achievement system it would encourage people to participate in the social area of the app as well as encourage them to lower the carbon footprint. It will have a display to show the current weight of their trash and they’ll have the option to see their history.

We’ll have reminders on when trash days are and when trucks that pick up larger debris will come by. This would be determined by GPS and district that the person lives in, or they could put in their location manually if they so wish. Other information it would include would be a fact book that explains the importance of recycling and composting. We’re answering questions that we typically wouldn’t know the answer to unless we googled it. So we’re doing that for them so people can learn more about how they’re helping the environment.
We’re answering/supplying information involving:
How does recycling help?
How are recycled materials used?
Carbon footprint explanation
List of recyclable/ compostable materials
Global statistics about trash and recycle
Reducing plastic usage
What/how can I do more?
Websites that help with getting recycling ideas for items
and of course a frequently asked questions section
Some of the information we already have filled out:
How does recycling help?:
Metals recovered from recyclables are put through a metal mill while non metals such as aluminum items are put into a collection bin. Paper, ferrous metals, and nonmagnetic metals have been sorted from the bunch.
The machine removes ink from the paper fibers through a chemical washing process. The paper is then turned into pulp slurry which removes unwanted materials such as string or glue. While it cannot be used to make new paper, it goes to other uses such as insulation for homes, paper towels, and toilet paper!
Metals are sent through a metal mill that heats up the materials to 2800 degrees Fahrenheit and the molten liquid is put into molds where they then cool and become ingots. Manufacturers use these to create file cabinets, tin foil, or structures such as bridges.
Once plastics have been sorted, those with a number one on the bottom are then sent to make soda and water bottles. Other plastics are fed through a grinder and create plastic flakes that are fed into the furnace and melted down into polymer to make lawn furniture, garbage cans, and carpets.
-Glass is crushed into tiny pieces where it’s then heated and made to make recycled glass, glass doorknobs, floor tiles, garden ornaments, and jewelry beads.
-It saves energy because new materials for products don’t need to be created.
-It reduces pollution and preserves the environmental condition because fossil fuels that are used for manufacturing emit harmful greenhouse gases and by recycling we’re reducing the consumption of these fuels which results in less greenhouse gas emission.
-It preserves natural resources where raw materials are typically used we can use recycled materials in their place. This helps save a finite amount of natural resources.
-Contribution to landfills decrease drastically which helps us contribute less to the greenhouse footprint.

Now this text seems rather dense, but we’ll be making it user friendly for the app and condensing the information so that if they don’t understand a word, they’ll have a glossary to refer to. If you have any suggestions for what else can go into the app, or any designs that you think would be suitable for this, please let us know!

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  1. This is such a great and unique idea for a project that can be useful. I think that this is a great way to encourage people to help better the situation that is occurring, it can very well bring awareness to the people who will be using this app. The great thing about an app is that many people can access and has a wide range of possible users. The multiple functions that are going to be incorporated into the app are very helpful in their own way. Having the achievement system seems like a great way to keep people’s attention towards using the app.
    ~Carina. C

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