The True Makers- Gabriela Ornelas

Our CPR and First Aid training course has been completed, and now it’s time for the real learning!

At the beginning of the semester, it was pretty clear to my group and I that our breast pump idea, was not sell-able, efficient or going to work. It might of been possible to create a product like this, but we would have needed more time. When our teacher, gave us other options to complete instead of working on our original project, made me feel relieved. I knew that I wanted to stop working on our project, and begin working with another group. But I had to tell my group first. My own group felt the same way, except one person. Three of us moved onto another project with COMFORT4U. We wanted to work with this group, because we thought that their idea was so cool. They are inventing a new chair made for schools, for comfortably for students. We are going to be the ones creating their design. We are going to take the design that our bosses have made, and create this chair.

My group is looking forward to this, because we really feel like this product is something that can be successful. Our other product made us kind of feel like failures, because we felt that the panel thought that our product wasn’t sell-able or wouldn’t work.  With this product we feel more confident in ourselves. And we know our product is possible!

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