Scarlet 2.0 One Step closer to net zero waste! -Savannah Pena

This semester has been a time for us to reevaluate our project. It’s been a much-needed time to rethink what works and what doesn’t work in our project. Our pediatric wheel chair was a very ambitious idea and the reason being was because we didn’t have enough resources and the amount of money exceeded the amount we had to work with. In our process of reevaluation we came up with several ideas that we might want to switch to.The one we were most interested in, involves making a device, like an app, to measure how much waste people produce. By creating an app that measure how much waste one person produces, this could potentially get reduce the trash in landfills etc. Also, if this app is created and made into a reality I think it would make more people aware of Recycling. The amount of waste on this planet doesn’t necessarily go away and vanish, it takes more than a lifetime to get rid of all the waste one produces. Through out these past few weeks, our team has been researching different ways we could possibly weigh everyone’s trash and ways we could motivate the public to participate. We looking into the different styles of trash cans most people have and a reasonable size to make our device.

Rachel’s Concept Sketch

Rachel's Sketch









Karina M. Watching a tutorial video for coding            Concept sketches











Sketches- Scarlet 2.0Staring









The team researching different outcomes of waste and what the effects are to our planet, Earth.

Through all this research we discovered how we wanted to design this device. We wanted it to be like a normal scale that an average person would use, but instead of the scale to measure a person’s weight it be a plate sensor to measure how much trash is in a bag. Then that information would travel up to a screen to tell you how much waste you collected and then possibly in the future a way to notify the person to look again just incase something recyclable or compost-able. Also this program would be synced to your phone, with an app of some kind, and it will allow you to compare how much waste you’ve produced verses your friends. A little competition never hurt anyone, especially when its going towards saving the planet.

This week we came up with some characteristics we wanted our product to have. We wanted it to be small and out-of-the-way so people can use it without it being distracted by the size or the look. The product needed to be user-friendly and simple to move around, so people can make excuses up to not try to make this planet cleaner. Our team is excited to see where this project takes us because no one has made anything like this before.

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  1. I like your idea of creating an app to help people have conciseness of the things they put into waste. Although I do need to say GOOD LUCK! , coding will take you a long time and it might be a little frustrating. You should look for an app that has already been created that is similar to what you are trying to do and with coding modify it to make it do what you would like. Doing this would be much easier you just need to keep looking at coding videos and really dedicate yourself into learning because it can be super boring trust me. I really like the idea of having something that measures the waste we add into this world. You have great ideas and I hope you do come up with something great! Great job. I like how you think about size, because some people prefer having something smaller that is more portable for them to carry around. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing what your product will end up looking like!

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