What’s in Store for Us by Amanda Campos

Mothers Do Matter is no longer. Our group has split and its for the best. Three of its members, myself, Brianna, and Gaby have stayed together and decided that we’ll help Comfort4U carry out their design. So far all we’ve done is get organized. Within our first couple of weeks back from winter break our group created a schedule. This schedule contains what we’ll be doing until the Make-O-Rama. Our schedule is mostly detailed at the beginning but towards the end it starts to get very broad because we can’t predict the future! Our schedule covers things like making the actual product, testing, then remaking the product with changes and then testing again and etc.

Gaby working on our schedule
Gaby working on our schedule

Our main focus will be making the product and making sure it meets the standards of Comfor4U and our customers. Comfort4U has hired a separate team (Kaiyla and Deanna) to accomplish this. Their job will be to test the product on customers and do research as to what body parts are affected by the chair so that we can better understand the customers needs.

We have yet to start actually building the seat cover because Comfort4U has not decided what they want in the product. We have an idea but are waiting for them to give us the specs. So sometime this week we hope to start creating the next top of the line seat covers.

While we’ve been trying to figure out what we’re doing for the rest of the year we’ve also been working on First Aid training. We’ve learned how to do CPR, use an AED and what to do in emergency situations like if someone has a heat stroke or if they are suffering from hypothermia. We got to work with CPR dummies so we got actual hands on experience. My favorite part was learning how to do CPR on babies because since there are A LOT of kids in my family I think its important that I know. We’re not officially certified yet, we still have to take our test but that should be easy thanks to all our training. Now thanks to my training I’ll be able to help if ever there danger or if someone can’t breathe.

CPR practice
CPR practice

Overall we are all so excited about being back and able to work on our project! We’re working harder than we’ve ever worked before and on top of that we’re organizing ourselves and making our own deadlines.

*First photo taken by Amanda, 2nd photo from AHA website

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