Deliverable Week! LEIDY CONTRERAS

This week has for sure been one of the hardest weeks we’ve had when it comes to the planning and development of the project. We all decided we wanted to turn in our deliverable before the due date to obtain those extra points that would for sure help us a lot when it comes to our grade. To start our deliverable we revised our memorandum and looked at important things our teachers pointed out for us that either needed more detailed explanations or just in general formatting rules for us. We took the time to look over each one of our proposed designs choose what we wanted to focus our time to and deciding to look further into that certain subject. We started our deliverable, we first looked at the rubric and decided who was going to do what, finally we had an important part to do that involved bio-medical insight, between the 3 bio-medical girls that are in our group including me, we divided up the work and I ended up doing extended research on vision loss, Nelly and Grecia did research on obesity and arthritis, this helped because it allows clients to know that we are taking into consideration their disabilities and this will help us come up with a better more efficient bathtub. We all finished the deliverable on time and knew we did an awesome job with it. I did the proposed design section which is where you describe what your final design will be like and the material you will be using. I added what we wanted the floor to be made out of which is adobe, it could also be considered cement in some cases, considering that they are made out of the same type of material. We had a discussion with one of our teachers today and reviewed the comments she left on our deliverable, we noticed that we still needed to perfect our deliverable by fixing grammar mistakes, and certain format requirements. We also found out that our measurements were totally wrong, we said our bathtub would be 52 feet long! that is impossible it would be a very big bathtub, we got those measurements mixed up instead of having them be inches we said they were feet which got our teacher a bit confused and I would say worried as well. When we finished talking to her about our design we decided we needed to meet again as a group to decide on what she told us we had to bring down to our top/ main priorities in the project. We will not be able to start a whole bathtub from scratch because it would be super expensive to do that, now we just need to meet again and bring all of our ideas together to take our next step.

Final design sketch
Final design sketch

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