The Adventures of AutoCAD (and other things)-HA

For the past month and half the newly created Plugged In group have been working on their portable phone charging station designed for students to use during school. I, Trinh, and my fellow peer, Toni are no longer a part of Guppies Group Inc. We have decided to break away from that project because we... Continue Reading →

Steps to Building our Prototype! – Jada Washington

Buckle Belt turned in their 23 page Deliverable 2 on November 3rd, 2014. Including a great and well written Executive Summary that included what we wanted to create which is a safety restraint system that will target adults who are wanting to keep their children safe while they are laying down in the back of... Continue Reading →

Progressing-Carina Carrasco

After having finished the deliverable Baby Beeper is finally ready to move forward and really finalize the sketch that is shown below. The prototype stage is gonna prove itself to be one of the most difficult step in the process because of the refinement that is going to need to be done in order for... Continue Reading →

Why must it be floofy? – Zane T.

Yellow there. Yes this is how I say hello sometimes. Don't judge. So for the past long time we have struggled to complete our assigned design proposal, doing research and sorting through our accumulation of sources, and trying to phrase it sensibly and forgetting which sources we had already cited...and it has finally been finished... Continue Reading →

Baby Beepers Deliverable-R.Carter

Now as a group Baby Beepers are working on our deliverable on our idea as a whole. This deliverable gives a more indepth knowledge of what we are trying to capture as a whole idea and how it could be useful for future clients. However, before working on our deliverable and while working on it... Continue Reading →

Mothers do Matter-Cruz

Mothers do Matter loves the work time we've gotten this week. We've been working on our next deliverable for the past three weeks. Each team member has at least two sections to complete. In two work days each team member has successfully completed one task. It has taken a lot of teamwork and collaboration to... Continue Reading →

A New Phase- Lorena Banda

A new six weeks began, therefore a new phase had risen, which is the Deliverable Two Design Proposal. This is another step to the tool up section. Unlike the Memorandum, which was part of the imagine phase and was used to introduce the team and the problem, the purpose of the deliverable is to communicate... Continue Reading →

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