Turning Point by Yuvia Ruiz


Its been a long week…We have been working on trying to get our designs approved. As we worked on our design proposal we discover things that we had not realize. We had plan on basically rebuilding a bathtub but when meeting with Ms.Miesner she pointed out that we would have to rethink and scale back some on our project. Although it was a great Idea if we wanted to keep the innovation affordable we had to pick our priority’s. Based on all the research we have done it is most likely that we will keep the handles, seat and door.

Looking back at the customers interviews most of the concerns were having something to hold onto when losing balance to prevent slipping. We also analyzed some of the reasons why people were slipping which for most cases was whenever trying to get in or out the bathtub. The reason behind it because the bathtub was to high, having a door would prevent any injuries and allow the water to stay inside once the door is shut. Now we also agreed on keeping the seats, and although our audience had change a seat would still be helpful for a major part of our potential customers. For instance the elderly, and people with injuries or health problems. Overall this week we worked mainly in trying to come up with a well written proposal to present to our teachers. In the process I learned a bit more about how bathtubs work.


During this week my house started to get remodeled and I was able to watch the workers take down my bathtub and rebuild it. I was fascinated, I never honestly thought I would get excited of seeing a bathtub remodeled. While I was watching I realize it was quite complicated, however I was looking forward to sharing all the things I had learned with my group. I felt prepare especially for our prototype. Although we would not start building until after thanksgiving break I was already planning.

Furthermore this week was chaotic but we accomplished a lot and we look forward on getting our materials to get started in our prototype.

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