Create & Innovate (Annalise M)

Hello everyone, here’s another update from yours truly,


This week has been busy busy busy and each member has been working hard on our second deliverable- Our design proposal.

Polyester Webbing Seat Belt

The design proposal sums up the solution to our problem (creating a product that allows an individual to lay down in a vehicle) and states what our ideas are, how we plan to create it, what materials we will be using, and the physiological and bio medical aspects that should be taken into consideration. In addition to writing up our design proposal, we had to do some extra research in order to back up our design plans. We also had to find time to edit each others parts and put it all together. Because this was such a long process, we split up the proposal so their would be an even distribution of work. My job was to work on the material research and/or applicable standards. I researched the different types of materials that we could possibly use for our product and came across the two commonly used materials used for seat belts- Nylon and Polyester.

Nylon Seat Belt Webbing

After constant research, I concluded that Nylon would be the preferable material to use for our product because it is more flexible than Polyester although both are durable and strong. Personally, this has been pretty difficult in that the work is long and exhausting. It is hard to find quality time to thoroughly research for this project and it has worn me out a bit. Through these processes of typing and putting together each deliverable, I have learned how to work efficiently in small amounts of time.

Until next time,

Create & Innovate.


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