What’s In Our Future? (Andrea Cazares)

Stephanie working hard to submit design proposal.
Stephanie working hard to submit design proposal.

…And we’ve finished! The SEAS team is so excited to finally be done with our Deliverable Two. It was a long and tedious journey here, but nonetheless we are glad we’ve made it. As we wrap up the end of the 6 weeks, we only know what is going to be expected of us in the future. For one, we are going to start building our prototype very soon. Because I have been in the Biomedical pathway for so long, I have no experience with constructing prototypes. I’m a little nervous to start, but I know that my engineering partners will be a big help. I’ve made my way over to the design and constructing location and I’ve gotten to see the machines that we can possibly use. Though they seem a little intimidating, I think I can figure them out.

Our design seems pretty straightforward but I’m not underestimating it. I know that there will be a lot of trial and errors in creating our prototype. That’s when the word “patience” comes in. I remember when the designer speaker came in to talk to us about his experience with designing, and how every day was hard because you were constantly working to meet a deadline. I know that will be the case with us. A big part of this class is meeting deadlines and producing a quality project. I know that the same will be the case in college. This class is just preparing us with the same rigor a college class is. Patience will get me through.

A big part of the design process is creativity. I would consider myself a very creative person. It’s what inspired my potential major! I look forward to thinking outside the box and creating a beautiful project. With the help of my teammates, our ideas are what will pioneer the biomedical-engineering path. I can’t wait to see what great things we do. Because our design is so universal, our consumers will benefit greatly from it. Go SEAS team!

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