Cars, Seat Belts, and Beyond -RHoward

So far in class, the Buckle Blanket group has been trying to order materials for building the actual “Buckle Blanket”. The only products we have received at this point are the hooks we’d ordered from Amazon. They came five in a pack and appear to be very sturdy, however, since we are only working on... Continue Reading →

The Dangers of the Car – Ryanne Howard

These blog posts have already gone over the mechanics of seat belts as well as the history, however it has not yet tried to explore the perils of car travel for children…until today. The Create and Innovate Group has tried again and again to redesign and remake the seat belt into something comfortable yet safe,... Continue Reading →

Create & Innovate (Annalise M)

Hello everyone, here's another update from yours truly, CREATE AND INNOVATE! This week has been busy busy busy and each member has been working hard on our second deliverable- Our design proposal. The design proposal sums up the solution to our problem (creating a product that allows an individual to lay down in a vehicle)... Continue Reading →

Create & Innovate (Annalise Martinez)

This past week of working for Create & Innovate has been exciting in that we have finally reached the next step of  our project- the design portion. We started off last week taking a short trip to different stores around our school to see if we can find similar products and/or tools that could eventually... Continue Reading →

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