H.A.X. Prenatal Yoga!-Xochitl. 

Hello, my name is Xochitl my team(HAX) and I are working with Austin Prenatal Yoga. Austin Prenatal Yoga helps pregnant women incorporate healthy habits especifically yoga into their lives. Not only does it inform soon to be mothers on their birth but it also helps them prepare for the big day! We are helping the founder of Austin Prenatal Yoga incorporate more ethnic diversity into the classes. So far the majority of the mothers attending Austin Prenatal Yoga classes are Caucasian(81% according to our founder), APY wants to reach a greater range of mothers to have them be aware of the benefits yoga brings to them and their babies.

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We have thought of several solutions that could hopefully bring in more ethnically diverse women. Some of our solutions include: Making informational posters and updating or creating new social media platforms.

For the informational poster we asked our contact/founder if she had any posters that she would like us to update and we are also making a couple of new ones. We decided that we would add some of the benefits yoga brings to pregnant women like an easier birth so that people are drawn to our posters. To specifically target other races other than Caucasian we decided that once our posters are finished we would go around and have them placed in areas around town where there are larger populations of minorities. Another thing we decided would be best to attract other races was to have our posters be in SPANISH. Since we are bilingual we decided what better way to attract people to Austin Prenatal Yoga than to add in a language spoken by the majority. 

So far we have focused mostly on our posters. We have begun working on our two posters and have started making the translated versions for both, we decided that once the posters are finished we would have the original copy and the translated version be placed in public places that mothers frequently attend like WIC, hospitals, clinics, OB GYN, grocery stores, etc. side by side. We have also began adding QR codes to our posters. QR codes are bars that can be scanned by a cell phone with an app that is easily downloaded, we placed Austin Prenatal Yoga’s Facebook page on the codes so that anyone casually passing by our posters can just take out their phone and begin to follow APY on social media as they please. 

Overall I feel that our group(HAX) has really focused on the idea that more ethnicity should be brought into Austin Prenatal Yoga classes and that in general yoga really does make a difference and benefits mothers. 

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